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January 2007 through May 2007


Posted May 29, 2007

Bellydancer of the Year 2007
Finalist in their Saturday and Sunday costumes

-1st runner up
Rachel -2nd runner up
Sandra- 4th runner up
Michelle Joyce
-3rd runner up


more coverage on this event soon

Posted May 28, 2007

Youssef Safaa Demsisi
born May 12, 1:00pm, 2.4 kilos
To proud parents Leila and Safaa
at the Gohar Hospital, Cairo, Egypt

Ed note--Youssef arrived 6 weeks early but is home now . Leila, Safaa and Youssef are doing fine.

Posted- May 25, 2007, contributed by Mariah
East Coast Classic
Mid-Atlantic's premier belly dance contest and gala show!
May 19-20 2007 Virginia Beach, VA

Rising Star
People's Choice- Nadhiya
3rd- Ashley
2nd- Nicole
1st- Nadhiya

People's Choice- Hill & Veil
3rd- Hill & Veil
2nd- Troupe Anwar (PA)
1st- Sholeh (NC)

People's Choice- Kalaa
3rd- Nadira (VA)
2nd- Zohreh
1st- Kalaa (VA)

Fantasy Artist
People's Choice- Gamilla
3rd- Alarah (NY)
2nd- Mariah (OH)
1st- Gamilla (VA)

Grand Champion
People's Choice- Samira
3rd- Gina (GA)
2nd- Samira (VA)
1st- Kimahri (IL)

Grand Champion contestants
back row from left to right;
Sophia Saharr, Katayoun, Athallia, Kamahri
-1st, & Gina -3rd
Front row left to right; Alarah & Mariah missing in photo Samira -2nd & Mahsati

Winners in the Fantasy Artist category from left to right; Alarah
-3rd, Gamilla -1st, & Mariah -2nd place.

Nadira of Seattle pictured in 2005. She became 1st Runner up,
then in 2006 won. This year she will be a judge. Photo is probably by

A portion of a documentary on Raj from the Yukon will be filmed at the contest this year


Contestants competing for this year's
Bellydancer of the Year
May 26, 27, & 28, 2007
in Danvilla, CA

1. Jalilah-Aptos, CA
2. Nitara-El Cerrito,CA
3. Raj-Yukon
4. DeVilla-Los Angeles, CA
5. Hanh Chau-San Jose, CA
6. Mandanah-San Francisco, CA
7. Yasmine-Seoul, Korea
8. Tabitha-Alameda, CA competed in '06 --'05
9. Ahn Yoo Jin-Seoul, Korea
10. Amira-San Leandro, CA (Ariana not Elizabeth)
11. Oreet- New York, NY
12. Rachel-Portland, OR
13.Sandra-Mountain View, CA competed last year
14. Henni-Santa Clara, CA
15. Michelle Joyce-Oakland, CA competed in '06--'05
16. Kom Kyung Mi-Gwangju, Korea
17. Magidah-Portland, OR
18. Zaira-Fort Worth,TX
19. Dr. Maya-Davis, CA
20. Mayette-Vallejo, CA
21. Namira-South Lake Tahoe, CA competed in 06 --'05
22. Naiya-Hayal-San Francisco, CA

Judges will be:
Aisha Ahroosh
competed last year
Barbara Malone
Bayla Zeina
wins GD in '05
Fadil Shahin
competed in '06--'05
Pat Olson
competed last year
Zaheea Anan

Troupes, Duo/Trios, and Grand Dancers
Yasmina's Yems
Jaouahir Tahoe
Ahn Yoo Jin & Kim Kyung Mi
Etana Hayal
Joi de Vivre
Naiya and Numa'ir
Annwvyn & Tamara
Bellydancce Odyssey Raks
Bahira Basma
Jamila from Jerusalem
Nihmeh Dream Dancers
Naiya Hayal
Surreyya & Ballour
Raks A'Diva

Posted May 11, 2007

These are photos by Terry Crane sent to GS from the dress rehearsal today of Sahra & Angelika's show this Saturday & Sunday in the Los Angeles area. Thanks Terry and Tracy!

Alas! The "snake' can't make it to see the show! Someone please send us a report!

Sahra C. Kent and Angelika Nemeth present
"Mahrajan" - A Celebration of Danse Orientale
featuring Aszmara .

Check it out!



Posted May 8, 2007

Dondi is being featured in the Spring/Summer, 2007 issue of "Wedding Dresses Magazine." The issue has feature articles on international weddings and showcases Dondi as a performer for weddings of North Africa, Israel and Lebanon. Copies of the magazine are available at major book stores.

Posted April 17
More from Aziza's World Tour
More NAMES please!
Czech Republic

Billboard in Zlin with Troupe Aphrodite

Young dancers backstage

Tribal in Czech!

Aziza in
Morocco March 07.

The smaller group photo are students from Casablanca.

The two women with me are Charlotte from the UK and Artemesia from Belgium.

Posted on April 16, 2007, submitted by Shakira Om Mia of
Cairo Nights with Aziza, produced by Vashti in Santa Cruz

Vashti and Aziza

Sese and Shakira Om Mia

Vashti's troupe- Bellydance Odyssey Raks:
(from left) Jalilah, Vashti, Fifi, Yasmin, Basira, Nafila

Collage of faces!
Monica, Tabitha, Jasmine
Lulu, Shanna, Dunia, Shakira, Nadira

posted April 16, 2007

Melinda and Sacha Pavlata are pleased to announce
that they are married!

Their ancient Greek wedding took place on April 14th, 2007 at sunset.
The ceremony began with a procession from Melinda's mother's (Rhea's) Plaka apartment, continued up Dionysiou Areopagitou way along the base of the Acropolis, then up to Philapappou Hill, in Athen, Greece.

30 friends and family as well as a few interested and friendly strangers from around the globe gathered on ancient Philapappou Hill overlooking the Acropolis. The ceremony included a beautiful poem and performance art piece by Storrey and Eamonn Lance (9 and 6 years old respectively), a poetry reading by Johanna Lewis, a champagne toast presented by Ali Arsoy, a moving statement by the mother of the bride revolving around the theme "the apple doesn't
fall far from the tree," an exchange of "eternity" greek key rings and statement of love from the bride and groom, the placing of olive wreaths on Melinda, Zoe and Sacha by Sacha's son Alex Pavlata and Melinda's mother Rhea, and the presentation of a special olden greek key necklace to Zoe by Melinda and Sacha. Zoe was flower girl, Eamonn was ring bearer, and Storrey was Sanctifier of the
Space by burning sage. The ceremony was conducted by High Priestess Erinn Burke Lance, and peace suffused all those in attendance.
More photos are posted on
Love to all!
Sacha and Melinda

posted April 9, 2007

Hot New Club in Toronto!
Sunday Nights- Layali Arabesque
Live Arabic Orchestra and Dancers

Check it out during International Bellydance Conference of Canada. April 18-22, 2007.

The snake will be there, will you?

Posted April 8, 2007
Contributed by Linda Grondahl

Angela Thacker and performers
(including Danse Maghreb from San Francisco) at Serengheti Nights benefit Sat. Feb 24th in Hayward, CA.


left to right:
Lady in brown & braids- Rene, yellow dress, tops of 2 heads behind, lady in purple veil- Raks Africa (Etang and Tammy), lady in black and pom poms- La Toya, lady in pink, Linda in lavendar, Janine Ryles, Jasmyn Matalatan in orange, Gloria Mabalatan behind, Hala, Angela Thacker with mike.

March 31, 2007
Reda and Cathryn celebrate Ibrahim's second birthday at a park in Alameda, CA

Reda Darwish, little Ibrahim and Mark Bell are sitting, Mike Fair aka Faraz on riqq and Phillip Gabriel on oud. thanks Mark and Nadia!)

The Darwish Family poses for a quick photo
Cathryn, Ibrahim, and Reda

posted on March 27, 2007, submitted by Kristina Kelly
The Kami Liddle Workshop
March 10 in Metairie, Louisiana

from left to right: Karen, Kristina, Patches, Trish, Rissa, Kami Liddle, Sheila, ??, Katy, Michele, Christina, Melissa, ??, ??

"The ones I named are my students from Jackson, Missippi"


Posted March 16, 2007

Sirens In Sanity Dancers donating their talents to the Mary Farmar Elementary school Multi-Culture Night Fundraiser in Benicia, California.
More names of dancer coming...

Back row: Astarte, Leili, Zyphire, Erica, Mutha, Maajida
Front row: Salima Sisli & Yasmine

Rhonda, shimmying it up with the Ooh La La's
at The Carnival of Stars, November 12, 2006.

March 12, 2007
Rhonda passed away in Tracy on March 1, 2007, after a complication in her battle with lupus and severe asthma. She left two young children and a husband. We will miss you.

A complete tribute will be posted soon.




March 3, 2007
Bellydance Superstars auditions in San Rafael at Marin Civic Center

Surreyya of El Cerrito, Roz of Sonoma, Michelle from Berkeley, Samira, Natalie, ?, Sese from Japan, Tribal lady, Danielle, Lady in white, Frank of Colorado down front



posted Feb. 21, 2007
"The Straw Hat Pizzeria in San Jose, California, is changing ownership at the end of the month. There are only 2 more dance Fridays left - February 23 and the March 2. Zelina and I had our last night on Friday." -Masouma Rose


Front row from the left : Mrs. Cooper (faithful and loyal attendee, every week!), Jhanik Khoubiar (one of the owners of the restaurant), Yolanda

Back Row, from left. Mr. Cooper (faithful and loyal attendee), Samira, George Khoubiar (one of the owners of the restaurant), Mirit, Masouma Rose, Zelina, Zemira, Andrea, Leyla Lanty.

February 6, 2007
These are the only 2 photos from the gypsy bellydance workshop on 1/21/07 In Claremont, California. Top one is with instructor Shannon, who attended and brought some of her students. Nancy Shomo produced the event beautifully at the Claremont Forum, so it was nicely organized with plenty of room, good mirror space and lots of goodies to munch at breaktime. Several dancers are asking when can we do it again?!

2nd photo is with Vernon Lewis, a percussionist who has given our dance community a generous amount of his time, energy and wonderful drumming!

January 21, 2007 - BY DANCERS FOR DANCERS
photos by Michael Baxter

Bay Area belly dancers have created a new business paradigm for performance DVD's. Each dancer has donated a skill (such as video editing, PR, graphic design, etc) to the collective, making this project a collaborative effort that is driven by a love of the dance rather than making a profit. Each performer will have equal and unlimited rights to reproduce and sell this labor of love. With the help of TV producer Steve Fyffe (Michelle Joyce's husband), "By Dancers for Dancers" will be released in the Spring. Dancers include: Sandra, Mira Betz, Nanna Candelaria, Zari, Zaheea, Luna and Michelle Joyce.

from front to back: Zaheea, Luna, Nanna

Nanna dances for the cameras

from left to right: Steve (Michelle's husband), Keith, Luna, Nanna, Marleyna,
Sandra, Michelle, and Zari (in costume)

Posted January 18, 2007
submitted by Beverly Alnisa
Happy New Year!
"Kaya (of Kaya & Sadie duo) who had a baby in September. I need to get the spelling of her daughter's name (Asha?) and will send it when I get it."
Photo Courtesy of Rooshana


same lady--->

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