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July 2009 through December 2009
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vid clips: SF Mecca Video report part 1: Venue, Shereen of Prague at BDUC, Surreyya interview Zoi of Tokyo, Mahsati Jahan Gig Bag Check, Kosmos Camp 2009 Report, Backstage with Elizabeth Strong and BDSS, Rowan Storm advises women becoming musicians, Gigbag Check with Surreyya, Gigbag Check with Amira and Sadiya at COS, 1994 Performance of Serpent Bacchus and Prego Lynette,
Suhaila's troupe performs at Berkeley Marina, Nicole and Kara at soccer game in Cairo, Danse Maghreb in Alameda, Sausan's group at King Tut Opening, Monica and friends at Wiggle of West in Las Vegas, Queen of Raks Sharki Contest in Dallas Tx, Dondi's Baby Tiernan, Duane sends photo from "Pizza Raks", Keti Sharif's baby Serafina, Sa'diyya's troupe, Brad, Gibson and Kristen at SF Mecca, Wiggles winners, Zahra Zuhair's show pic teaser, Benefit for Bridgette, Shabnam's Baby Sholeh, GS 10th year party, Ramadan in Cairo, Tennessee dancers, Ramadan in Indonesia, Khalilah wins Jewel of the Sierra, Hazerfan warms up for Sertab Erener and Demir Demirkan, Carnival of Stars fest photos, Pregnant Michelle Joyce and husband, Photos from North Bay BD Bazaar, Photos from Desert Dance Fest In San Jose, Desert Heat in Berkeley, Mesmera's school at Dar Maghreb in LA, Baxter's photos from Jewel of the Sierra Contest, Ava Fleming Class in Asheville, NC, Sirens In Sanity at Redwood Coast Fest, Sharazad Troupe at Arizona Arab Fest, Hossam Ramzy in Singapore, Nadja and Nicole of Sweden, Stasha at El Mansour, SF, Nicole in Cairo, Bulent and Friends in Turkey, Michelle and new baby, Khairiyya, Yasmina and group in Cairo, Shaia's New Studio. Shareen teaches for Monica in SF, Michael Baxter's Birthday, Gia's gig in NJ, Bahaia's prego belly, Holiday grettings from Andre' Elbing, Davina, and Sahar,

Posted December 30, 2009
Sahar xmas
Photo by Ian Andrew Photography
Posted December 30, 2009
Davina in York for Christmas

Wishing you all the best this holiday season.  Happy Christmas from the UK.  This photo was taken on the platform of the train station in York during freak winter storm. Stay Warm, Be Well, Prosperous and Happy!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina

Posted December 30, 2009
Merry Xmas from Andre
with 1001 Oriental Greetings
André Elbing

Bahaia and husband JohnnyPosted 12-19-09- submitted by Bahaia

hi lynette,
here are a couple photos for the serpent.
dec 16, 2009
11 days to go!
bahaia and husband johnny at their home in austin, tx
henna by claire stone

Bahaia's Belly
posted 12-15-09, Gilded Serpent reports from SF Mecca Review 2009.
On August 1, 2009, the “SF Mecca Immersion” held their Saturday Night Review at Broadway Studios in North Beach, San Francisco, CA. 
This portion of our report shows this wonderful venue. The next part, coming soon, will show short samples of the performances.

posted 12-10-09, submitted by Gia al Qamar
"I wanted to share this photograph of me dancing taken by Clement Lespinase.
The event was Lateefah's Global Dance Party at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, New Jersey on November 15, 2009."

Posted December 7, 2009, submitted by Aazura Nour
Michael Baxter celebrated his 50th birthday on Dec. 6 at
Chatanooga Restaurant in Santa Clara.
In photo from L to R: Hala, Salena, Khalilah, Summer Sahar, Michael Baxter, Eve, Alimah, Aazura Nour
Michael's 50th Birthday

posted November 29, 2009, submitted by Monica
Monica sponsors Shareen in San Francisco
click for somewhat larger image

Shareen El Safy and some of her workshop participants at the Lines Dance Center, San Francisco, November 22, 2009. Shareen was sponsored by Monica Berini.
 From left to right: Salena, Patricia, Maria, April, Jeanne, Jennifer, Andrea, Naiya, Kathy, Shareen, Iman, Heather, Alena, TerriAnne, Bev, Nitara.
Photo by Monica. Sorry to the folks who left before we took the photo!
Thanks to Shareen for a wonderful workshop.

Posted November 19, 2009, submitted by Shaia, photos by John December

Shaia dancing freely in her new studio!Finding Studio Space In Tough Economic Times

On September 20, 2009, classes at Shaia Fahrid Egyptian Dance Studio's new location at East Towne Ballrooms, Milwaukee, Wisconsin were scheduled to begin.  To celebrate the occasion and allow existing and prospective students a chance to check out the new digs, Shaia hosted an Open House Hafla on the evening of September 19.

Each and every student uttered one of the following interjections upon entering: "Wow!"; "Ohhhh"; "I can't believe it!"; "It's beautiful!".  To fully appreciate this, one would need to realize that Shaia's troupes and private students had made the following changes in one year's time: moving from her home studio to a smaller studio in a lower flat; then to a martial arts studio complete with bloody tissues and jock straps on the mats; finally to a moldy church basement with cheap hardware store-variety mirrors propped against the wall.  You could see either the top half or the lower half of your body when dancing, depending on where you stood -- never both at once.  Now, they finally had a studio which had mounted full-length mirrors and clean, sprung wood dance floors.  Double doors to separate them from the other studio.  Their own bathrooms!  An attractively-decorated and cozy reception area.  It was like going to sleep in a cardboard box and waking up in the Taj Mahal!

xThe long journey to the new studio location began late in 2008 when Shaia had to sell her home, barely escaping foreclosure.  To save money, she moved into a small three bedroom lower flat with two roommates.  Quarters were cramped, especially in the studio area.  The normal activities and conversations of shared living space began to interfere with class instruction.  To save her sanity, Shaia moved into a 200-square-foot "sleeper apartment", and began to hold classes in a nearby martial arts studio.  The heavily-padded mats were comfy on the feet but caused balance issues, and the studio itself was not clean, to say the least; it was rather a haven for slovenly "boys".  So, Shaia packed up her things once again and relocated in the basement of a neighborhood church.  The pastor was very generous and accommodating, but this could not offset the problems brought about by mold and mildew in the 150-year-old building, huge spiders and centipedes running amok, and the constant traffic of church members coming and going through the dance space. 

xShaia's quest to find acceptable studio space had been ongoing since the sale of her home.  But the ever-worsening economy meant dwindling class enrollment and the loss of many private students, so the rent and lease costs charged in her area were prohibitive.  On every walk, every bus ride through the city, Shaia searched for affordable, appropriate studio space. One day in August, she decided to Google "downtown Milwaukee dance studios", and was given a short list which included East Towne.  Considering its longevity and status, Shaia assumed that rent would be sky high, and had serious doubts that the owner would consider having belly dance classes held in his ballroom studio.  But what harm would there be in calling to ask?  Well, times are tough all over and East Towne was also feeling the financial squeeze.  Class enrollments were down, and there were days that the studio went completely unused.  Shaia and her students were received with open arms, and the rent proved to be quite affordable! 

This economy can work against you one moment and for you the next.  So keep your chin up and never stop trying to follow your dream.  Persistence usually does pay off; one visit to Shaia's bustling new studio will make a believer out of you!

Jasmine and Zia in skirts, Shaia and Osiris in picture above
Posted November 19, 2009, Submitted by Yasmina Ramzy
Khairiyya Mazin in Luxor with Yasmina Ramzy and the Egypt Tour 2009 participants after teaching a class on November 13, 2009
Khairiyya will be teaching at the IBCC in Toronto this year in April 2009

bottom row L to R: Griselda, Haley, Heather, Amy,
middle row L to R: Andie, Kailin, Samantha, Khairiyya, Yasmina, Mariah, Anne,
back row L to R: Kelly, Tricia
Posted November 19, 2009, submitted by Michelle Joyce
Sienna Joy Fyffe was born at 1:02pm November 18, 2009.  She is a long 20 inches and 6lbs 9 oz. Everyone is doing fine.

Michelle Joyce and Baby Sienna
Posted November 18, 2009, submitted by Bulent of Turkish Bellydance World
Bulent and friends
click image for slightly larger image
from left to right:
1, 2- blue shirt, 3 4, 5- pink skirt, 6, 7, 8, 9- red skirt- Sema Yildez?, 10- Bulent?, 11-Aylin Hansen?, 12, 13-pink shirt,14 ,15-green shirt, 16, 17

"In the group photo in the middle is Sema Yildiz (Turkish dance teacher,on the right is teacher Aylin Hansen on the right is teacher Stephanie from UK
The group is mixed from US, UK, Germany and other European countries students. By the way I am the one in the middle with green shirt..lol
Thanks for everything again, Bulent

posted 11-17-09, submitted by Nicole
Nicole is in Cairo, this year, going to the American University of Cairo. She sent me this after some nudging. THANKS NICOLE!
See also, Linda's response to the riot photo on our Letters to the Editor page.

Hey Lynette,
Sorry, things are nuts with AUC!  Here's some pictures attached...I'm also working on a piece about weddings and parties here, and I think I will start another about contemporary music culture in Cairo if that sounds interesting.

Riot in Cairo after the soccer game between Egypt and Algeria

The first picture is of the riots that happened in Cairo on November 14th, when Egypt won a world-up qualifier match against Algeria.  Looks scary, but it was actually a lot of fun roaming the streets in between all the stopped cars with people dancing everywhere brandishing flags!  It was quite a controversial match, as the Algerians claim to have been attacked on the way from the airport to their hotel, the Egyptian officials and police refuse to back up their story, and the word on the street is that the reason the Algerian players' bus was attacked was that they burnt the Egyptian flag before heading off to play the match!  No one is sure what exactly happened, but Egypt's 2-0 victory means that they will play Sudan tonight to pass this round of qualifications.

Nicole and friends

The second picture is of myself and two friends (me and my friends, Ramy and Hussein) at an engagement party a few weeks ago.  Hussein, on the right, flew home to Cairo from Dubai to get engaged to his Egyptian sweetheart, and so partying all night was definitely necessary.  Apparently it's wedding season in Cairo, as I have been invited to a steady stream of engagement and wedding parties over the last month, which I will be writing about for GS providing I can find time in between dress shopping.

Wedding in Cairo

The last photo is of the most recent wedding I went to which was at an army venue and quite fancy!  I had to buy more or less a real gown for that one!
Take care,

Posted November 16, 2009, submitted by Stasha
Just another fun night at El Mansour, in San Francisco, California
Stasha with the Littleist Sultan
This one's gotta be my favorite though : The littlest Sultan

Stasha dances at El Mansour in San Francisco

Posted November 16, 2009, submitted by Keijo
This photo with the child is Nadja and our daughter Nicole, who is 9 years old. Nicole takes dance, piano, and singing classes at our Culture school and in addition takes Judo outside our school with her brother Alexander. Alexander is our oldest child and is 12 years old. He plays guitar, dances "Street dance" and also does judo proffesionaly. Nadja and I make sure that our children also are involved in art and sports.

Nadja and Nicole of Sweden

posted November 14, 2009
Ed note- I'd like to apologize for the self indulgence of posting this video of myself, though I'd like to dedicate this presentation to all the currently pregnant dancers in our community including: Michelle Joyce (due Dec 7), Oreet, Bahaia (due Dec 27), Shoshanna, and ....I'm forgetting someone... and especially to Michel who will be learning to drive soon! Thanks for watching!
Gilded Serpent presents Serpent Bacchus dancing with a very pregnant Lynette

On June 25, 1994, in Ross, California, with the help of Serpent Bacchus, Lynette did a very pregnant dance as part of Dhyanis's "Living Goddess" Show. Lynette was about 38 weeks along with a due date of July 7-10. Michel chose to come out in his own sweet time on July 29. Yes, bellyrolls are possible all the way through pregnancy and are especially helpful if you have to have an epidural during labor.

Posted November 9, 2009, photo submitted by Bryan Lucus, director of Goddess Belly Dancing in Singapore.
Hossam Ramzy returns to Singapore.
Ramzy returns to Singapore
" Please find the attached photo taken recently when our Revered Teacher was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia July 7 & 8, 2008 at the Petronas Towers."
inset photo: Hossam, Keta, Serena.
Larger photo: back row, left to right- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Hossam, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13- Keta?, 14, 15
front row: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Posted November 2, 2009
Gilded Serpent reports- Gig Bag check with Amira and Mom, Sadiya
What does a dancer need to carry in her gig bag?
Amira and her mom, Sandra or Sadiya show off her fancy gig bag and all the costumes in it that Mom made for Amira.
Footage was filmed at Carnival of Stars in November 2008, in Hayward California.

posted October 27, 2009, submitted by Roza , photo by jmacsphoto.com
Shahrazad Dance Troupe dancing at the Arizona Arab American Festival, September 26-27, 2009 in Glendale Arizona

Roza's troupe performing at Arab Fest in Glendale Arizona
click for larger image
Amanda Rose, Heather, Jenan Dia, Azula Ajram, Roza Otta, Ana Edith, Ciara Gamel, Samarra.

posted October 27, 2009, submitted by Tammi /Yasmine
Siren In Sanity at the Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival in Arcata, CA on October 3, 2009.
"We had a blast debuting our new dance company routine"
SIS in Arcata
Back row (left to right): Nunnehi, Vanora, Michelle, Nuray & Nephele
Middle row: Zyphire, Mutha, Minnet, Carissa Razi, Nadima & Amber
Bottom row: Chenoa, Almaza, Saiedeh, Yasmine, Simone & Salima Sisli
Posted October 27, 2009, Submitted by Lisa Zahiya
Ava Fleming Professionals' Weekend held September 11-13, 2009 in Asheville, NC
"I've attached a picture from the professionals' retreat I recently hosted with Ava Fleming.  We had over 14 hours of classes in one weekend at a retreat center in the Blue Ridge Mountains - it sure was fun! We're planning another retreat for next year!"

Lisa Zahiya Pro Intensive with Ava Fleming
Click photo for larger image
Here are the dancers identified:
Front: Ava Fleming, Lisa Zahiya
Middle Row:  Haala, Millie, Kim O'Malley Montero, Yeli, Ruhiyyih
Back Row: Deidre, Anita Shek, KC Nelson, Majida Anwar, Asim, Joy, Jen Amann, Rita and Renate
Posted October 27, 2009, submitted by Yasmine of Siren in Sanity, photos by Michael Baxter
Namira's Jewel of the Sierra Belly Dance Competition
held September 26th, 2009, Lake Tahoe Community College Duke Theatre, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Ist place troupe
Modern Gypsy - 1st Place in Ruby Category
2nd place troupe
Hip Switch - 2nd Place in Ruby Category
3rd place troupe
Troupe Shalabiya - 3rd place in Ruby Category
Winners of Diamond
Khalilah - 1st Place in Diamond Category
Deeta - 2nd Place in Diamond Category
Adriane - 3rd Place in Diamond Category
Winners of Emerald
Starr - 1st Place in Emerald Category
Dhyanis - 2nd place in Emerald Category
Tasha - 3rd Place in Emerald Category
Winners of Saphire
Rhea - 1st Place in Sapphire Category
Lara - 2nd place in Sapphire Category
Leah - 3rd place in Sapphire Category
Oct 27, 2009, submitted by Mesmera, photo by Richard Lowe
Mesmera's latest Fab Friday showcase at Dar Maghreb, September 18th , Los Angeles, CA
Mesmera's show
Michaella, Yemaya, Mesmera, Annikaya & Ondine
posted Oct 27, 2009, submitted by Norma Buffon
Desert Heat performs at Cafe Bellie on August 9, 2009 at Ashkenaz, in Berkeley, CA

Desert Heat performs at Cafe Bellie
[Troupe member names needed!]
posted Oct 27, 2009, submitted by Angela Thacker
Aradia and Angela backstage at Desert Dance Festival, held September 12 & 13, 2009, in San Jose, CA
Aradia and Angela

Dunia dances Dunya Awards Atlantis
Dunia dances on left and Dunia and Atlantis hug after the extravaganza show on Saturday night


Posted October 21, 2009, Submitted by TerriAnne Gutierrez
"Deborah Bennette and TerriAnne Gutierrez produced  the 3rd annual "North Bay Bellydance Bazaar", on October 17th and 18th in Sebastopol, California.    With over 75 performers, 9 workshops, many vendors, sunny weather, and an outdoor souk (that included a "live musicians tent" organized by Susu Pampanin), it was an awesome event!"

Wildcard Bellydance
T's troupe
Troupe Joweh
Posted October 21, 2009, Photo by Michael Baxter
Michelle Joyce and Steve expect Sienna to arrive December 10, 2009 (though her name may have changed by then!)

Michelle, Husband and Siena
posted October 19, submitted by Monica Berini
Back stage at Carnival of Stars Fest in the Richmond Auditorium , California

at the make up mirror
Amy of Danse Maghreb gets ready for the stage

Siwa and Zorba in discourse
Siwa and Malia
Siwa and Malia De Felice
Surreyya checks in with the DJ before announcing the next dancer
Surreyya checks in with the DJ before announcing the next dancer
Which troupe is this?
Modrom directed by Kitiera


Posted Saturday Evening, October 10, 2009
Fresh shots from the first day at Carnival of Stars in the Richmond Auditorium, in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Interesting vendors, great food (really!), and the best shows I've seen in a long time from many dancers. Many more wonderful dancers will be performing tomorrow.
Please come and support this event so we can all be back at this venue and stage to party together again next year! This stage is a pleasure to watch or perform on.
Malia and the Paradise dancersLeyla Lanty
Malia and the Paradise Dancers of Hawaii and then Leyla Lanty in a lovely costume
Lily and Pepper
Liliana of Raqs Sharki Magazine with one of the event producers, Pepper Alexandria at the end of a satisfying day.

Proud HusbandPosing Princesses
Proud women enjoying the day
On left is Safiyah, Secretary of SF/BA MECDA and her husband Ron. Her husband Ron was taking a picture of her in her shiny new costume by Dawn Devine Brown.
On right is" Dancers of the Pharoahs"?

Ron the Magician
Ron the Magician gives us a refreshing break from the usual.
Hannan does a beautiful show in full assuit
Sahara Sands sends an open floor dancer to heaven
Sahara sands plays in the loung for an appreciative dancer
Sausan will have the after party Sunday eve at her restaurant, Al Masri in San Francisco, CA

posted 10-1-09
Gilded Serpent reports- Gig Bag check with Surreyya
What does a dancer need to carry in her gig bag? Surreyya has a very special friend she carries in hers! Sultana,
a leopard spotted boa constrictor enjoys being displayed for us and having a dance with her partner.
Footage was filmed at Carnival of Stars in November 2008.
Don't miss this year's festival next weekend Oct 10 & 11, at the Richmond Auditorium- you know that place- the great stage, plenty of parking.
Be sure to come by the SERPENT LOUNGE!

Posted September 28, 2009, submitted by Surreyya, Photos by Alfonso Valdes
On September 11th, Surreyya Hada and Nyla Crystal performed as part of Hazerfan, a San Fransisco Bay Area rock, metal and eastern fusion band.  Hazerfan opened for Sertab Erener and Demir Demirkan's new project "Painted on Water", a new sound that combining Anatolian melodies and traditional Turkish songs, fused with jazz and rock, and featuring the ancient art of Ebru, a technique of painting and marbling on water.  The groups collaborated at the famed "Fox Theatre" (a renovated theatre which actually has a 30 foot bellydancer mural inside) in Redwood City, California.

L to R
Terilynn Bench, Dr. Patti Weiss, Nyla Crystal, Murat Bayhan, Van Spragins, Surreyya Hada, Marcus Hogle
Beth Sings
Surreyya Swords
Posted September 26, 2009, 8 pm,
photo sent from the venue by photographer Michael Baxter.

Khalilah wins!
Jewel of the Sierra Belly Dance Competition
Diamond/Professional Category
1st place: Khaliliah 
South Lake Tahoe, California

posted September19, 2009
Ed note- I asked Mia if she would send us a picture to post of and example of how the Ramadan Holiday is celebrated in Indonesia.
This is what she sent. Thank you Fahmia!

Click on the photo to get a better look at the food and smiles in a closeup.

Break of fast at dusk during Ramadan in Indonesia.
Clockwise from top left:Koko Budiarto, Tresia Suryaningsih, Thersya Lukito, Dodi Ahmadi,
Wishnuputra Dhanu (red), Mario Tirto, Prima Yogaswara Sukma Senjaya (black).
Photo courtesy of Tersya Lukito, fellow bellydance student at Bellydance Jakarta.

Hi Lynette,

I sent out a message to friends several days ago, asking them for photos that represent what Moslem and non-Moslem Indonesians love to do the most during fasting month--eating! I asked for photos that capture the crowded feel of Jakarta or other cities at around breaking fast time (dusk) at local eateries reflecting our country's love affair with food! Indonesians love their food, and there is a cultural legacy of dazzling cuisine throughout our archipelago! This becomes more  evident during fasting month, with hungry Indonesians seeking all kinds of sweet and savory delicacies to break a long day of fasting with. 

Nicknamed "bukber" by millions of Indonesians, an abbreviation of "buka puasa bersama", or breaking fast together, it is a much loved tradition by millions of Jakarta dwellers, both Moslems and non-Moslems. Since traffic is usually bad, friends,family and colleagues will get together at local eateries to break fast and share a tasty meal together during the week as opposed to battling heavy Jakarta traffic.Local food stalls and eateries experience a surge in business around dusk onwards during fasting month, with hungry Indonesians lining up to break fast at the end of a long,hot day. What you see lined up along the table is an example of delicious Indonesian fare much enjoyed by this eatery's guests-grilled marinated prawns, deep-fried fish, fried chicken, garlic stir-fried water spinach,freshly squeezed guava and avocado juice-the list goes on!

I don't know if you can use this-but seriously, all during fasting month, most of my friends and I, irregardless of religion, were always off to one "bukber" after another! That's why I asked friends if they had any pics of gatherings at local eateries.
Fahmia Badib (Mia)


Posted September 16, 2009
Submitted by Sonja of Tennessee

Sonja's troupe
Sandsation Dancers
perform at Uniquely Fridays on Market Square Mall in Knoxville, Tennessee
Alexandria Dancers meet with congressman Jimmy Duncan before their performance at the annual Arab American Gala in Knoxville, TN. 
From left to right: Rachel Smith, Sonja Oswalt, Stan Viverette, Congressman Jimmy Duncan, Alexis Smith, Tony Fahoum 
Atlantis World Dance Company from Nashville, TN with master percussionist Issam Houshan.
Left to Right: Nazaneen, Linda, Issam, Gwen, Jessica
Posted September 8, 2009, Photos and note submitted by Nicole,
Ed note- Nicole is living in Cairo this year, going to school at the American University there in Cairo. I asked her about what it was like to be there during Ramadan. Here is her response.
"Ramadan is an interesting time as an example of how bipolar life here can be, because it is a time to be more religiously observant and pious, but it's also party time!  During the day people are a bit subdued since they're hungry and everything, so Cairo is a lot more sedate until people get a little too hungry and grumpy just before the breakfast.  At night though everyone goes out, or visits their relatives to eat and celebrate.  The cafes have been totally packed after about 10pm, and there's special music shows happening around town.  The neighborhoods are all dressed up with lanterns and lights, so it looks similar to Christmas time back home!  Just a snapshot look for now, but I'll write you an article with more detail.
Ramadan lights
Ramadan lights


posted Sept 7, 2009
10th Anniversary Gilded Serpent party
Looking for more pictures! Please send! video collage coming soon

party scene
musicians jam under the canopy
Leila of Cairo dances at GS party
Leila of Cairo dances
watching from L-R: Leyla Lanty, Monica, Carl Sermon, Ma*Shuqa
Snake Cake
Snake Cake

Posted September 2, 2009, 9:19pm
  Storm advises women who want to become musicians

In this Gilded Serpent video, Rowan Storm advises women who want to become professional musicians in a world mostly dominated by men.
We talk with Rowan at the Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp held in Mendocino in 2008. More of our interview will appear in coming videos. Rowan has been a professional musician for decades living in many parts of the world.  Interview and camera work by Lynette. Wonderful editing and video production by Surreyya
More about Rowan here- http://www.rowanstorm.com/


Posted August 24, 2009, submitted by Shabnam
Shab and Babe
I also included a pic of my 4 month old Sholeh to share (if interested) We are standing in front of some of my Bellydance inspired art exhibit also held at the show venue. Her name is Sholeh and she was born April 19, (2009) in Berkeley CA - 5.8 pounds
Shab and student at gig
Shabnam & Alicia performed at the Bellydance Day show on Saturday August 22, 2009 at  Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda.
Posted August 24, 2009, submitted by Surreyya
Photos from the August 1st bake sale/garage sale to benefit Bridgette.  Bridgette is a belly dancer and yoga instructor in Brentwood who recently had to undergo emergency surgery and could not work during her recovery.  Thalia, also a bellydancer/instructor brought the community together for an impromptu event to raise funds to help Bridgette and her 4 children during this stressful time.  Thalia opened Red Door Dance Studio in Brentwood, California earlier this year and hosts a variety of Bellydance classes, Ballroom, Salsa, Yoga and monthly workshops.  The group raised over $600 from their Saturday morning sale.

Thalia benefit

Group photo above
Back row, from L to R:
Alan, Bastet (Bridgette, who the fundraiser was for), Samira (holding Huntly), Nashita Azure, Nadira, Kim, & Lisa

Front row, from L to R:
Kashmira, Madison (Samira's daughter), Dustin, Virginia, Thalia, Cozette, Christy & Mike



photo at right
Thalia. The owner of Red Door Dance Studio, where she teaches Dansoleil Belly Dance classes and Sassy Pants Belly Dance Workouts

Thalia in her studio
Posted August 21, 2009, Submitted by Zahra Zuhair
A full photo spread of this show coming soon!
Zahra Zuhair as the Sorceress. More soon!

Zahra Zuhair's PoNaNa Dance Theater's "Caravan of Secrets",
held on August 15th, 2009 at the Electric Lodge Theatre in Venice, California.
Dance: The Sorceress and the Magical Perfumes", Zahra Zuhair

Posted August 19, 2009, submitted by Fatinah
Wiggles of the West competition in Las Vegas, July 22-26, 2009

Raks a'Diva
Raks A'Diva places 3rd as 2009 Ensemble of the Year at Wiggles of the West in Las Vegas.
Raks A'Diva Co-Director, Iman, places 2nd as 2009 Headliner of the Year

August 18, 2009
Gilded Serpent Backstage with Elizabeth Strong and the Bellydance Superstars
In February of 2009 we were able to speak with Elizabeth who was filling in with the Bellydance Superstars for their San Rafael Civic Center gig..  Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice and others also pipe in. What is it like to slip into such a high profile dance troupe? Lynette interviews and is behind the camera. Surreyya edits and produces the video.

August 16, 2009
Gilded Serpent reports from Kosmos Camp 2009.
On June 12 we visited Kosmos Camp held in the redwoods near Guerneville and the Russian River. Kosmos Camp is a music and dance camp that includes Middle Eastern music and dance as well as fusion, African, Flamenco, and more. You will recognize many of the names that you see within our Belly Dance Community. The camp is produced by Matt Furey. For more info on this camp see www.kosmoscamp.com. Teachers included- Jill Parker, Naby Bangoura, Vicki Virk, Amy Sigil, Paco Gomes, Phoebe Vernier, Mira Betz, Sani Rifati, Fattah Abbou, Cera Byer, Georgios Antonea Leftheriotis, Faisal Zedan, Karamba Dioubate, Daniel Fries, Hamed Nikbay, Kim Atkinson, Robert Wallace, Deb Ruben


posted August 13, 2009 by GS staff
Gibson Pearl, Brad Dosland, and Kristen Wilson pose at
SF Mecca Revue, held August 1, 2009 at the Broadway Studios in the North Beach District of San Francisco
more coverage coming soon!

Brad, Gibson, wife

Posted August 10, 2009, submitted by Sa'diyya
"Hello! Sa'diyya of Texas here!  I have an announcement: My troupe, "Sa'diyya and the Danza della Luna Performance Company" won "Overall Troupe Champions" at the 2009 Choreography Project held in Austin Texas, on August 1.  The event is hosted by Rick Fink and Z-Helene.  The judges were Tambra, Artemis and Isis.  Pic included (from L to R names: Joanna, Adrienne, Tricia, Bridgette, Sa'diyya and Bonnie).  The grand prize is an instructional DVD of the winning choreography that the winners own the rights to and can sell for troupe funds!  (Coming Soon!) Whoo Hoo! Thanks! Sa'diyya "

Sadiyya's troupe
Posted August 10, 2009, submitted by Keti Sharif
" ..a few pics of my new little baby girl Serafina - born on the 1st July 2009. We are back home in Egypt, our dog Sofia thinks Serafina is her new puppy!
Serafina is 5 weeks old now and such a sweet, happy baby :)"

Keti's baby, Serafina
Keti's baby with dog
posted August 10, 2009, submitted by Duane
Photos from "Pizza Raks", July 31, 2009, Morgan Hill, California.
(I'm still working on dancer identification).
Mountain Mike's Pizza. Hostess: Zephyra (Laurel Sills).

Duane shoots a Hafla

posted August 10, 2009, submitted by Dondi
It has been 2 1/2 months and I am deliriously happy (and tired.)  I forgot that you asked for a photo for kaleidoscope.  I am sending two.  One just before I gave birth that I had taken in a studio.  And the other one day after Tiernan was born.  Thank you for asking for these!  Here is the info:
Tiernan Ray Devenyns
Born May 23, 2009 at home in San Diego.
8 lbs, 3 oz/ 22 inches

Dondi and baby
Dondi Pregnant
August 2, 2009
Gilded Serpent presents a Gig Bag check with Mahsati Jahan

A dancer from Asheville, North Carolina, Mahsati often uses “fan veils” in her show and has an instructional video on their use.
We catch her at the “Carnival of Stars” festival in Hayward, California in 2008. Please visit her site at www.mahsati-janan.com
posted July 30, 2009
Surreyya interviews Zoi of Tokyo for the Gilded Serpent
In October 2008 Surreyya and Nyla traveled to Japan for a cultural dance exchange and performances with Zoi of Japan.
Surreyya interviewed Zoi while there for the benefit of Gilded Serpent readers. A full article on her trip to Japan will be on site soon

Posted July 30, 2009, submitted by Catherine Barros, photo by "George the Photo Sultan"
Contest results from
Queen of Raks Sharki 2009 held at Ahlan Cairo Nights
held July 23-26, in Dallas Texas, by Little Egypt

Winners of the Queen of the Nile 2009

Winner:   Sehar Niraja of Pennsylvania (red ribbon)
1st Runner-up:  Yeli of Texas (blue ribbon)
2nd Runner-up:  Sa'diyya of Texas (in pink robe)
Honorable Mention:  Shaunte of California (in leopard print dress)
also picture from left:- Lubna, Asmahan, Aida Nour . Click on photo for enlargement.

posted on July 27, 2009, submitted by Monica
Lunch at Wiggles

Backstage at Sam's Town Live! before the Saturday Luncheon show at Wiggles of the West Las Vegas. July 25, 2009.
From left to right: Zina, Monica, Britt, Aradia, Thia, Ava, Saqra

posted July 26, 2009, submitted by Sausan, photos to Phil Pasquini
King Tut Grand Opening - de Young Museum, June 26, 6:00 PM, San Francisco 
"Please state that the dancers are graduates of the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance and were dancing under the direction of Sausan (that's me)  :-). The museum requested that I be part of the Exhibition Committee which began their meetings in March.  During these meetings, the Program Director asked me to provide the belly dancing entertainment for the Grand Opening.  I was very thrilled.  :-) "

de Young 1
Naiya dancing to the music of Flowers of the Nile

de young
Valentina dancing a Malaya Lef dance. [Sausan stands behind the stage]

de young
Andrea dancing on a drum

de young
Numa'ir and Naiya dancing a cane (Tahtib) dance

Posted July 25, 2009
Danse Maghreb
Danse Maghreb

Linda, Jasmyn and Janine dance with the Moh Alileche Ensemble
June28th for the Festival of Imazighen (North African Kabyle)
 at Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda, CA
Posted July 17, 2009
Nicole with her roomate, Kara of Australia, at the July 5th soccer match in the Military Academy Stadium in Heliopolis in Cairo. The Egyptian National Team was playing Rwanda and they won 3-0!
Nicole will be sending GS periodic reports from Cairo. She is attending the American University there. More soon.

Nicole at soccer game
posted July 14, 2009
Gilded Serpent talks with Shereen of Prague at the Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition, February 21, 2009.
We catch Shereen after she has competed  in the Egyptian category at Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition in Long Beach, California. Shereen is from the Czech Republic.

Posted July 11, 2009, submitted by Susie Poulelis
I went to the Berkely Marina Fair on July 4th to keep Miss Bobbie company while she was selling her jewelry and Suhaila's troupe performed a set (from 4:30 - 6:30!).  I took pics...here are a few for you to post if you like.  They were fun to watch.  The crowd really liked them. [Ed note- Thanks for the names Toni !]

Suhaila Troupe
Ginger is in the front and behind her is Toni
Suhaila's Troupe
From left to right is Rachel, Toni, Ginger, Chelsea and Andrea. The on lookers that are part of the Troupe, left to right, is Britt, Stella, Patti and Karolina.
Suhaila's Troupe
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