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Tall, blue-eyed and flame-haired, bellydancer Lynette has been involved in the field of dance since childhood, and in the last twenty years has been recognized as a serious professional in many styles of Middle Eastern dance. Among these are the classic Arabic Style often seen in the cabarets; the Turkish-Greek Style, popular in most Greek tavernas; and the American Middle Eastern Style, familiar at private banquets and conferences. Lynette has performed at most every Arab and Greek club or restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area, including many Persian and Indian clubs. She performs regularly outside the Bay Area. Lynette teaches beginning through advanced bellydancing at her private studio in the North Bay of San Francisco, California.

Within each of the three basic dance styles, Lynette has adapted a repertoire of specialties, the most dazzling of which is the "Snake Dance" in which she dances with one or two Columbian boa constrictors, each well over six feet long. Similarly, Lynette has mastered the powerful "Sword Dance", a difficult and even dangerous series of movements. This demands exceptional concentration and skill and is executed with a large curved sword. In addition to these two unusual and difficult specialties, Lynette is proficient in the many variations of the ethnically colorful "Cane Dance", as well as the impassioned rhythmic percussion of brass finger cymbals, and the use of the diaphanous Middle Eastern veil.

Where can this gifted and charismatic bellydancer be seen?
As of 2005, Lynette has retired from performing and teaching but you can find her actively online at

415-455-8455, PO Box 39, Fairfax, CA, 94978
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