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Amelia Rudolph is the director of Project Bandaloop. She combines rock climbing with modern dance. Lynette had never climbed on a real wall before the El Cap project. Amelia can be reached at 510-654-4728, or at her site

Dance of Early Morning Light

El Capitan, California

"Project Bandaloop, the innovative troupe of climber/dancers, elevated its exploration of performance art with an early morning performance on El Capitan. On May 30, just after the sun struck the steepest part of the wall, four female forms appeared, suspended from portaledges anchored at the top of the third pitch of 'South Seas.' As a small audience watched from the talus below, the women did a dance with fear, descending slowly thru an ocean of air. They unfurled long white banners and made their bodies into shapes like seed pods and starfish, looking all the while like tiny spiders spinning from almost invisable lines. Amelia Rudolph, choreographer and performer, had wanted to create a ritual that combined dance with strength and courage. The dancers, Heather Baer, Amy Lange, and Lynette Duerksen, had never been so high off the ground. This was both high art and bravery. Cityrock Gym of Emeryville provided technical instruction, with its owner, Peter Mayfield, acting as technical director on El Cap. Three climbers, Scott Cosgrove, Steve Schnieder, and Don Welsh, were crew members, Elyzabeth Meade and Peter McConnell, composers, performered original music on Violin and drum..." --Melody Ermachild article from Climbing Magazine, Oct/Nov 1992

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