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How to make a circle skirt

This skirt is made from 3 half circles. One half circle is worn in front, and is not attached to the back part of the skirt except at the waist band. Two half circles are sewn together (a full circle) to form the back. This skirt is meant to show the length of the front of the leg, and to fly softly as you dance and turn.

Supplies needed:

Make a Pattern---
Glue or tape together enough newspaper or brown paper (open up a few grocery bags) to make one large pattern piece. Measure the distance from your hip (where you plan to have your skirt ride) to the floor.

"A"=The distance from hip to floor.
"B" = 4" for an adult, 3" for a child.
A + B = the radius of arc #1,
arc #2 = B only

Hold down the end of your measuring tape at one corner of your paper. With a pen/pencil held at the correct distance (A + B) on your tape, trace an arc (just like a protractor in geometry class). Trace a smaller arc (B only) within the larger one using the same pivot point.

Finished pattern piece should look like 1/4 of a donut.
Lay out the fabric
Open the fabric full width and fold over one end just enough to lay the pattern on a double thickness. Pattern should line up with a fold. Cut fabric piece should look like 1/2 a donut. To cut the next piece, fold the fabric again, reverse the direction of the pattern to use the fabric most efficiently. Fold fabric and reverse pattern again for the 3rd piece. You should be able to cut 3 half circles from your fabric.
Sew together the radius edge(should have selvedge) of two 1/2 circles.
You should now have one half circle and one full circle

Adding the waist band
Open up quilt binding and hem one end. Sew quilt binding along edge of donut hole edge of half circle and hem. Then do the same on full circle. half circle and full circle should not be attached. Sew closed the quilt binding leaving a tube for the elastic to be threaded through.Pin a large safety pin to one end of the elastic and thread it thru the tube.

Stand up, wrap that skirt around you, tie the elastic in a knot or sew it if you like.
do some spins in the mirror and watch it fly! you will still need to trim the bottom, just approximately at this point. NOT TOO SHORT! The skirt needs to hang for a while before you can do the final trim and hem. You can make a nice hem just by stretchng th fabric as it goes thru and use a wide zigzag stitch, roll edge in if you can.This skirt will stretch & lengthen at the bias points. If you dance alot you will need to rehem it once in a while also. Don't throw that pattern away, you'll be making more! Have fun dancing. Remember you can adjust & tuck this skirt many ways to expose or cover as you wish.
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