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Where can this multi-gifted and charismatic belly dancer be seen?
Lynette is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, performing and offering lessons in dance, performance, costuming, and in various studios around the San Francisco Bay Area,

Snake's Kin Studio
P.O. Box 1928, San Anselmo, CA 94979,
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Coming Performances

Lynette has performed at most all of the San Francisco Bay Area clubs and restaurants. Recently Lynette performs mostly through her agent at private events. You may contact Lynette directly or through her agent at
Skyana- 415-454-4640

That's it! If you missed these performances then you missed your opportunity! Lynette has now RETIRED from performing AND teaching! But if you want to see my current focus, come visit the wonderful

Gilded Serpent Magazine
for Middle Eastern Music and Dance

Gig Form- I use this form to stay organized. It is helpful when determining the price I will quote, how to get to the venue, the type of audience I will entertain, details needed by the accountant and feedback. Feel free to print this form, fill it out and send it to me with your deposit when we make arrangements for your event. Thank you!

Class Descriptions
Though Lynette still performs and teaches to some degree, her main emphasis and passion has become the Gilded Serpent. The Gilded Serpent is an online resource in magazine format that seeks to become a freely available library of knowledge supported by and for our music dance community. With articles ranging from historical research to up-to-the-minute news, reflecting the full spectrum of viewpoints without fear or favor, Gilded Serpent's mission is to become Middle Eastern dance's journal of record. The classes below are still available, but only to those who care enough about the dance to also contribute to the project that is Gilded Serpent.

Basics of Bellydance is a course overviewing of body isolations, poses, shimmies, veil work, finger cymbals, and some costuming

Beyond Basics takes you beyond steps and isolations, to putting together a typical routine or show. Starting with a 3 part routine, expanding to a 5 part, with a Drum solo, etc., in the familiar American/ Turkish format, and then in the Egyptian style. This class will also include drill exercises, just to get you moving with those new steps you've learned. I also try to begin exposing you to the common Arabic songs in a Belly dancers repertoire.

Performance and Improv class is continuous and assumes that the student has been taught the basic steps and isolations, focusing more on performance and creating your own unique dance. Often a video camera is used. See requirements

Class Schedules
Lynette is taking a break from organized group classes at this time. The new studio is under contruction. Private lessons are still available by appointment. Thank you!
Basics & Beyond
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Performance and improv Class by private lesson format or a group class may be forming at a local Mid East restaurant

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Please see the Student Resource Page for further suggestions for new and continuing students
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