Excerpt from The Love Song of J Robert Oppenheimer , CARSON KREITZER
LILITH: I've heard all this ssssssomewhere before.
God says
I’ve got this great idea
I'm going to make a woman
out of dirt
and breathe into her nostrils and look how beautiful
Adam and Lilith, my playthings. I breathed my wet god-breath into their little dirt mouths
and look at the mud things walking around naming the beasts, eating the plants.
Then Adam says to me LIE DOWN
as if we were not both the same
and I say, hey, wait a minute here, I'm not saying let's not have fun, but what makes you the one to climb up on top of me?
I don't think this is really about sex here I don't think this is about exploring these new bodies with the new wet life breathed
in I think this is about you trying to get on top of me
I think you want to hold me there
He would not stop saying it and his face all red
Grabbed both my arms and tried to knock me down in the dirt
we'd both come from.

I spoke the sacred name of God and flew up into the sky
Went off on my own, to the shores of the red sea. ‘Till he thought better of his behavior
We’re all learning here, after all.
But Adam
Adam goes to God and he complains that I will not lie down and God says


Don't worry, little man
I will make you a new one.

I will rip open your side
and take from you
since you would not take what I made you the first time

(and I thought, made You?)

let me rip a piece from you
close to the heart

now I take this dripping bloody piece of you and I make you a
woman who will lie down.

She will do nothing but lie down.
She will lie down for you.

And to me he says
eat their babies.
They are delicious.

Especially the red-brown marrow in the troughs of their white