Ali, Sahra, and Angelika at BDUC in Long Beach in 2009

Ali, Sahra, and Angelika at BDUC in Long Beach in 2009

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Ali of Turquoise International

Ali of Turquoise International began his business adventure in 1972 with an import and export company by the name of Turquoise Imports in Chicago, Illinois. He attended University of Illinois, Chicago Campus (UICC) for his degree in business management, graduating in 1976. Manufacturing of the world famous Turquoise Cymbals began in 1973 and created the inspiration for the business now known as Turquoise International.

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Ali not only contributes to GS with his writing but also with his advertising dollars and wise council.
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Ali then decided to dedicate his life to bringing the knowledge of Middle Eastern dance and culture to the United States and began sponsoring workshops and shows in 1975. He began importing handmade dance products from Egypt in 1976 to supply the growing popularity of the dance. Expanding the ideas of cultural awareness and education, Ali began organizing tours for dancers to Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey in the 1980’s. In 1980 Ali organized the first dance workshop and show in Frankfurt Germany with Dahlena. In 1986, Ali and Turquoise International moved to Los Angeles, California. He currently has an office and warehouse in Cairo, Egypt for the purpose of manufacturing high-quality dance products for his customers. He continues to sponsor workshops and shows and tours to Egypt and Turkey.

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