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Alima has established a reputation for vivacious solo performances in workshops, ethnic festivals, civic and charity events since 1978. Her experiences were enriched by seven years of performance and study as Choreographer and Director of the Sabree Mideastern Danse Karavan and Alima and the Village Dancers. In the 1980s, she was a featured performer with the Band Tarab, of Columbia, South Carolina, and The International Students Association Banquets and Festivals, Clemson University.

Alima has studied with many Middle Eastern and Egyptian instructors, and pays tribute to all. She extends heartfelt appreciation to Mahmoud Reda for the folkloric and classical form, and ultimately to Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour for their discipline and format of the dance. She has studied with the Salimpours since the early 80s and continues her training in their format in workshops and at the “Mothership”.

Her dance style is primarily Egyptian Classical and Folkloric. She has taught workshops in the Northeast, Southeast and Hawaii, presenting original choreography, floor patterns and costume designs for solo and troupe performances.

Her teaching experience includes four years with Clemson University, and many ballet schools in South Carolina. In Georgia: The Sautee Nacoochee Arts Center, Red Star Yoga, NEGA Performing Arts Academy, The Georgia Heritage Center for the Arts, seven years, and currently on staff at the NEGA Performance Gym, in Clarkesville, Georgia.

Alima has been a featured writer of poetry, book reviews, short stores and interviews in Middle Eastern Magazines - Caravan, Middle Eastern Dancer, and Zaghareet. She was a “Fold Out “ in a Saidi Costume, featured in Jareeda in the late 1980s. Recently, an interview with Morocco and in depth review of Black Orchid Danse Najm al Danse Oriental 2011, Atlanta, incorporating interviews of Andrus, Sal Maktoub, Tarik and Tito were published in Zaghareet Magazine, issue September/ October 2011.

In 2007, Alima was nominated as one of the three best teachers in the Southeast. And won 2nd Place, May 29, in the Black Orchid Danse, 2010 Drum Solo contest, Atlanta, Georgia. Judges were Tito Seif of Egypt, Kaeshi Chai of Belly Queen, David of Scandinavia, and an American soldier departing for Afghanistan.

Alima’s goal is to elevate the image of Middle Eastern Dance through education. She was a co-sponsor with Aegela, presenting Suhaila in Atlanta in 1990. She often presents economy workshops for her students with performers of inspiring talents. In the last five years she has sponsored Amani, Aziza Nawal, Christine Zaaroor, Mahsati, Oracle, and Lisa Wylie of Naughty Nomads from Huntsville.

Folks still talk about her three-hour “History of Dance” show in Clarkesville, Georgia -to a SOLD OUT Audience on Nov. 2006, with 26 acts, featuring dancers from six states. The show opened with the memorable Eve in the Garden of Eden and ended with the fabulous American Tribal!

Alima looks to the future of our dance with great anticipation and pays homage to our “Stars Of The Past” and “Rising Stars Of The Future”.

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