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Keti Sharif

My passion for dancing began when I was 17, when I took my first Oriental dance class. The music and shape of Arabic dance fascinated me. It was never a 'planned' career, but I guess I got swept up in the fun; the festive aspect of dance for the sheer joy of it, the celebration, the sense of discovery and eventually became a dancer, teacher and performer. Dance became the pacemaker in my life - I literally moved to wherever it took me. I've lived in Turkey, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and now Egypt. I eventually gravitated to the place that felt like home; Egypt. I lived there for ten years, hosting tours, archiving Farida Fahmy's work and running the Sphinx Festival.

In Egypt, my career moved towards dance event co-ordination and concept development. Spending many years researching dance, I integrated my studies into a BA in Fine Art History, focusing on geometry, music-space relationships and Islamic pattern and architecture. Australian publishers Allen and Unwin recently published my book "BELLYDANCE", which was a satisfying way to see all those years of research collated into a streamlined format.

In my dancing days, performance was always fun - my audiences included The King of Malaysia, Crown Prince of Selangor, Prince of Pahang, Malaysia's Prime Minister, Princess of Morocco, Prince of Oman plus contracts at the Cairo Ramses Hilton, Starcruises Asia Pacific and the world's largest Casino - Genting Highlands.

Recently, I've moved away from Oriental dance as a career to focus on my main project - Pulse8 Elements, a fitness concept. It follows on from my instructional videos and the A-Z BELLYDANCE teaching system. I absolutely love creating these programs - they bring together everything I know about the transformative power of dance.

Articles on Gilded Serpent by or about Keti Sharif

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    A dancer who feels “safe” in the rhythm, footwork, technical movement feels grounded and secure as she dances. A grounded dancer will be less "in her head” and allow the authenticity of feeling to come through her body as a flowing, emotive movement that expresses the music and how she “feels” the music.
  • The Secret of Saiidi Song and Dance-Straight from the Horse’s Mouth
    "Saiidi". Say this word anywhere in Egypt (including El Saiid) and colloquially it implies someone who is funny, backward - a loveable, gullible character with salt-of-the-earth village simplicity. To call someone “Saiidi” is a local term or endearment for a likeable buffoon!
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    Is dance a ritual, a means of celebration, a form of entertainment, or something more? Could it be a mode of human expression that harnesses the secrets of the universe?
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    Cairo's streets are much like its dance – streams of freestyle movement guided by intuition rather than rules. There are no 'principles' as such in both circumstances – it’s the organic-ness of Egyptian life that creates order in chaos.
  • Belly Dance Secrets for Fitness and Rejuvenation
    The most important factor in sustaining an exercise program is the 'fun factor'; Belly dancing comes with great music, exciting moves, noisy coin belts and its own special dress code.
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