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Alyson has been a working artist all her adult life. Her main medium is cold-forged wire jewelry. Her work, with its timeless spirals and whorls, has been described as cross-cultural, harkening back in time to the ancients, and hinting at the "Oneness" which connects us all. It imparts to its wearer a sense of confidence, power, and a link to the Goddess energy that unites the sisterhood of all women. Alyson's work has been featured in the Sunday Style section of the San Francisco Chronicle, and many local peformers have sought her out to create dazzling, one of a kind pieces to complement their costumery.

Alyson lives in an Artist's Collective in Oakland, and her endeavors into fine art range across the board, from formal paintings on canvas to mixed media collage. Only recently has Alyson taken up cartooning as a creative outlet. "I really like cartooning," she says. "It combines two of my favorite things... art and comedy."

With a background in Goddess Magic and Art, expanding her horizons to include "Danse Orientale" was a natural progression. With a deep fascination for all things Egyptian, Alyson chose to study Classical Epyptian Cabaret and some of the folkloric styles of Northern Africa. Under the expert tutelage of Alexandria, she has been dancing in this style for only a little over a year, but has already performed at Rakkasah Festival, and been featured as a soloist with the Near Eastern Dance Company.

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