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Melodi began her studies in Middle-Eastern dance class over 12 years ago with Tambra in Carrollton, Texas. After a year of studies she took a five-year break from dance, she resumed her studies with Cathy Williams, Cathy Barton, and Rory Williams in Denton, Texas. Melodi has also taken classes with Vashti, and most recently with Lalitha Sivanisan. She continues to supplement her classes with workshop training with instructors from around the world.

Melodi began studying Middle-Eastern dance as a form of exercise. She continues to dance as a way of expressing her femininity after long days in a corporate environment and to share her deep appreciation of this beautiful art form. While Melodi’s studies have included Folkloric and Cabaret styles, her heart belongs to Egyptian Cabaret.

Melodi has performed across Texas and Oklahoma as a soloist and as a member of Cathy and Company. She joined Just Fabulous in April of 2007. Melodi took 2nd place in the 2008 Austin Belly Dance Convention Amateur Contest.

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