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Nanna Candelaria

Nanna Candelaria has studied and performed belly dance for over 25 years. She first became interested in the dance form at age of 17. Her elegant dance style can best be described as classical. Her performances combine outstanding technical ability, with personality, emotion, and inspired creativity. Nanna's knowledge and experience with Middle Eastern dance is extensive. She has danced professionally in restaurants and nightclubs while living in New Mexico, Colorado, and presently in Northern California. Her studies and influences in belly dance have included a wide array of noted dancers.

In addition to studying belly dance, Nanna studied and performed the dances of Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia while in the Dance Company "Kafkas." Presently, Nanna is a full-time dance instructor, performer, and troupe director. She has performed both nationally and internationally. She and her troupe, Tabu Dance Ensemble, have been featured many times in the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival and have traveled to China to participate in the International Cultural Tourism Festival in Beijing.

Nanna dances regularly at Cafe Amira in San Francisco. She teaches at the YWCA in Berkeley, CA. Nanna is available for private lessons on weekdays. She can be contact via Email.

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    It should be noted that somewhere between passing the audition and performing, it was announced that three out of four dancers in the group (not including myself) were pregnant.
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    Over the years, we dancers have unwittingly kept the general rate ridiculously low in restaurants and nightclubs.