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Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Tempest pulls from her visual arts background (Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design), literary tendencies, and global inspirations to create dance that crosses the boundaries of time and culture. Tempest began her journey into dance in 2000, and has traveled the country to study traditional, folkloric, and fusion forms of bellydance. She is the premiere instructor of Gothic Bellydance in North America, and her extensive work in the genre has helped to define and develop the movement across the world. Her compelling performances exemplify her distinctively theatrical and expressive style, and are rooted in oriental dance technique with a transcendent approach. Her costume designs have revolutionized the look of modern bellydance, and continue to inspire new and old generations of dancers alike.

Tempest regularly studies with masters of the dance, particularly focusing her study on traditional and folkloric forms of the dance as she feels that the best fusion comes as close to the source as possible. In particular, Dalia Carella, Artemis Mourat, Amel Tafsout, and Lee Ali are treasured teachers and inspirations. In addition to teaching and performing around the world, Tempest co-produced Gothla US from 2008-2010, and is producing Tapestry: A Dance Retreat Experience in 2011 and Waking Persephone in 2012 - both in New England.

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  • Tempest's Teapot : darklydramatic.blogspot.com/
    A bellydance blog, - A collection of thoughts discussing many facets of art, dance, and everything in between.
  • Tempest's website: www.darklydramatic.com
    Nouveau Noir Dance  - for the latest info on Tempest's workshops, classes, performances, plus biography, gallery, and other tidbits
  • Owl*Key*Me Arts: www.owlkeyme.com
    Home of the Shruggery, Whoodlets, Hair Thingies, Tempest's Corset Belts & Vests, and more!
  • The Gothic Bellydance Resource: www.gothicbellydance.com
    Since 2003, the resource for all things dark in bellydance
  • Tapestry: www.tapestry-dance.com
    Tapestry Dance Retreat - September 29th-Oct 2nd 2011, Providence, RI - featuring Amel Tafsout, Alessandra Belloni, Artemis Mourat, Lee Ali, Tempest, & Anaar

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    The costumes are fabulous. It's almost like—who needs all that dance technique if you're wearing an enormous leather headdress that makes you look like an alien refugee from Star Wars? Tempest's approach in particular is a painterly one, not surprising from a student of the Rhode Island School of Design.
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    It was the first all tribal belly dance event sponsored by MECDA IE and took place on August 21st, 2004 in Montclair, California.
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    The first image, "Dance," is inspired by the Minoan priestesses and is a monotype/mixed media