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Gilded Serpent presents...
Utah's 24th Annual
Bellydance Festival

August 2004

photo report by

Kismet Productions presented Utah's 24th Annual Belly Dance Festival on August 27-29. It returned to Liberty Park in Salt Lake City after five years of trying other venues, and everyone was delighted by its return! There were more than 500 dancers performing, there were vendors, live bands, and dance, drum and costume clinics to attend. The weather was perfect, with temperatures ranging from the low 70s to the mid-80s - a very nice change for those attending - though the sunburns on many spectators showed that it was still summer. As usual with Kismet's productions, things ran smoothly and all was as advertised. The Festival will be at Liberty Park again in August 2005. Ya'll come, now!

The Festival crowd

Shazadi Troupe

Desert Veils Troupe


Jason Roque,
one of the Festival's presenters

Vendor Booth

Star Rose Blossom

son of Aziza!

Saxon Kilgannon, fiercely guarding Aziza's booth


two aspiring dancers

Yasamina Roque, one of the Festival's presenters

Babs De Lay, emcee extraordinaire

Mashara Rabia

The Festival crowd - check out the guy with the mohawk!

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Soon, however, it became obvious that I couldn’t do three shows a night, on and on, with only one costume! And Yousef, owner of the Bagdad, supported this realization by telling me that if I didn’t get some more costumes, I was fired.

9-12-04 Sirat Al-Ghawazi, Part 4 by Edwina Nearing
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9-7-04 31st Annual Belly Dancer of the Year Competition, Finalists, May 29, 2004 at Auctions by the Bay, Alameda, CA
photos by Susie and Lynette.
Where were the spectators? Plan on coming next year!

8-31-04 High Desert Hip Fest 2004 Report and photos sent in by Janie Midgley, photos were taken by David Ventura
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8-24-04 Dina in LA, report and photos by Catherine Barros
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