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The Gilded Serpent presents
the feast!

Rakkasah West Festival 2005
Page 3-Sat & Sun

March 2005, Richmond, California
photos by GS Volunteers including:
Jasmine, Lynette, Michelle, Monica, Sandra, Susie, Zaheea, and probably more!
*Let us know if you recognize faces!

Nagoya, Japan

Photographer Monica's pick as
awesome unknown (to her) talent.
Lotus Niraja
Baltimore, Maryland

Note from Na'lani Dahlal: "...Is actually called Lotus Niraja and The Niraja Dance Company and she's right we are based out of Balti. MD. The three pics below our troupe picture include me. My name is Na'lani Dahlal and I am the dancer featured in the center photo with my hands behind my head, the dancer to my right is Sehar and the dancer to the left's name was Mahasin. Unfortunately, Mahasin has left the NDC since then. The other ladies are of course Lotus Niraja (lead artistic director) and Jahzaal" Thanks!


Palo Alto, CA

Nagoya, Japan (Thanks, Nicoliana!)

Fat Chance Belly Dance
San Francisco, CA

Helm Dancers
Fairfax, CA

Nagoya, Japan

Fresno, CA

Natasha (dancer)
Santa Cruz, CA
Armando Fojaco (Drummer in background)
Capitola, CA
(Thanks, Marta and MaShuqa!)

  a combinatin of
Black Opal and Doumba
from Phoenix, Arizona
(Thanks, Patrisha & Mena!)


Los Angeles, California (Thanks, Josie!)

Princess Farhana
Hollywood, CA

Berkeley, CA


Hometown, State

Zaina Hart
Vancover? WA

San Leandro, CA

Una's Troupe Nijmeh
San Jose, CA

Suzanna Del Vecchio
Denver, CO

Amira & Jaleh of Troupe Raks el Zahira
Puyallup, Washington (Thanks, Wendy & Hasani!)

Suhaila crys after zil duet with her mother Jamilla
Berkeley, CA

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Ready for more?
7-30-05 Rakkasah 2005 Casual photos by GS Staff
6-5-05 Rakkasah West Festival 2005 Photos- Saturday & Sunday Page 2 photos by GS Staff and Friends
5-28-05 Rakkasah West Festival 2005 Photos- Saturday Page 1 photos by GS Staff and Friends
4-22-05 Friday Evening, Page 2, Rakkasah West Festival 2005, Richmond, California
3-31-05 Rakkasah West Festival 2005 Photos- Friday Page 1 photos by GS Staff and Friends

8-1-05 Tips on Dancing to Live Music (a Musician’s Perspective) by Frank Lazzaro
Many dancers find performing to live music intimidating, but with a little preparation, good communication, and a positive attitude, you can make it the most exciting part of your dance performance.

7-29-05 The Untaught Teacher by Reanee Temple
What then, do we do about a teacher who has been misled, apparently, concerning the history of our dance?

7-27-05 Calling all professional dancers! How much do you charge? by Nanna Candelaria
Over the years, we dancers have unwittingly kept the general rate ridiculously low in restaurants and nightclubs.

7-19-05 Interview with Mahmoud Reda Part 1: The Beginning by Morocco
The Ministry of Culture should be of help, not a source of problems. But anyway, they had control of all the theaters, so to find a theater we must go to them, but they gave us problems. I don’t know why; maybe they were jealous!

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