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San Francisco Screening of
American Bellydancer
by Miles Copeland

Traveling to San Francisco to attend the screening of American Bellydancer to a largely belly dance community crowd was like jumping into a hornet’s nest of opposing views!

I was surrounded by local rivalries, and strong deep-set opinions that no one is going to change, especially not me. At the same time, many thought-provoking questions were asked and comments made over a period of almost an hour.

Suhaila joined me for the discussion, both as my antagonist and as my supporter. At certain points, I will admit that I became depressed, because some of our audience seemed to miss the point. In private conversations after the public forum, I began to feel better as I realized most people did “get it,” and that they agreed that the film will advance the cause of Belly dance generally.

However, I think I should explain yet again that the title of my film, which is NOT "American Belly Dance," is in fact: "American Bellydancer." As such, it is much more about the dancer than the dance. It addresses the questions: What is the life of a belly dancer, why belly dance, what issues, problems, and challenges does a dancer face? Why is belly dance important to women, etc.? Let’s get to know some belly dancers and see what makes them tick.

"American Bellydancer" is also about a universal issue to ALL the arts: namely art versus commerce.

In that regard, we find the Bellydance Superstars and my role as a tool to investigate their issues. It is, after all, an issue of broader interest than any single art, Belly dance included. That is why director, Jonathan Brandeis, chose to use the Bellydance Superstars and me as he did. Since the Bellydance Superstars are the current most internationally commercial successful and high profile troupe ever, the question of art versus commerce is more pronounced than with any other outfit, making us the obvious choice--if not the only choice--to study this issue. In other words, the film is not about me, but what I represent to the Belly dance community. In the same way, it is not about Suhaila, but what she represents.

The other point worth mentioning is that any film, even a documentary--especially one 90 minutes long--must hold an audience’s attention. Hopefully, this film will appeal to as broad an audience as possible. Consequently, Jonathan Brandeis as a film director, was always looking for the film's possible story. Conflicts, questions, problems, and issues are set up early to be resolved later, leading the viewer to want to find out what is going to happen. Again, the Bellydance Superstars and I became a useful filmic tool to accomplish that need.

The film is actually a far more comprehensive study of American Belly dance than one session of viewing might indicate. All sorts of issues are brought up; some issues are brief while others are in more detail.

I am pleased to stand by the positive message portrayed in "American Bellydancer" and its power to excite more interest in this dance.

Andre gestures at lynette

Michel Harris poses with Juan

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