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Nora of Little Egypt
Gilded Serpent presents...
The Dina Show!

Photos by Catherine Barros

Slideshow coding by Tammy Yee
Event sponsored by Little Egypt
May 28-30, 2005
Crowne Plaze in Miami, Florida

Dina's fabulous performance photos by Catherine Barros presented in a slideshow coded by Tammy Yee. Below the slideshow are more fabulous photos by Catherine of Dina's workshop and Mohammed Shahin who was also in the show. Enjoy!

Dina dances in the evening show,
Don't miss more photos from the event below...
Mohammed Shahin from Egypt does dervish and stick
And now the workshop...


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Ready for more?
8-23-04 Smoking with Dina: a casual interview with an Egyptian star in California by Alanna “Abir”
I got to see Dina dance and be herself again and again.

9-16-03 Delightful Dina in Dallas by Amaya
By far the most controversial costume was the last one. It was barely there.

5-4-04 Belly Dance in Israel by Orit Maftsir
Belly dancers are the hottest trend at the moment, unlike the totally frozen attitudes towards the Arab culture in Israel.

1-9-06 Sirat Al-Ghawazi, Part 9 by Edwina Nearing
Begun in the mid-1970's , the early sections of "Sirat Al-Ghawazi" were first published under the title "The Mystery of the Ghawazi." We are happy to be able to respond to the continued demand for these articles by making them available to our readers worldwide.

1-4-05 What You Can't Get From Instructional Videos by Rebecca Firestone
Being able to withstand honest opinions is crucial. If one never communicates directly with one's peers AS PEERS, that is, not as sycophantic students, one can develop an insular and self-referential mindset without ever realizing it.

12-31-05 The Key: an Allegory* in Which a Courtesan Dancer Greets the New Year by Najia Marlyz
Court dancer, Raven, was lost in thought as she shifted her gaze toward a novice barefoot dancer whose name she could not remember.

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