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Gilded Serpent presents...
Photos of Friday Evening show from
Aida Nour & Magdy El-Leisy Workshop 2006
sponsored by Little Egypt

held on Feb 24, 2006 in Los Angeles, California

Photos by Lynette Harris & staff

your caption corrections appreciated


Sponsor Nora Asad as MC

Sponsor Ahmed Asad and Issa on sound

Princess Farhana strikes a demure pose!

Nader Asad and Rahana

Aida Nour and Magdy El-Leisy read about themselves in GS articles that have been printed out for their enjoyment.

Ernestine and Josh are Jhazala's proud parents

Linda and Masouma Rose

Debbie Lammam and Audrena

Natasha, Patrisha, "lady in red" and Rhonda

Susie Evans working overtime

Farhana Masri and Christina Rizkallah
[Ed- note proximity of overhead sprinklers!]

Seriously enjoyable trio, Lilla Varese and friends

Lovely Layla

Layla's troupe in V shaped take-off formation!

Here is the audience as they watch Layla.
Christina's dad is at far left, Bahaia in black, Deb Lammam just behind her, The Texas sisters- Laura and ?,
Angelika in red scarf, and fresh treads on someone's foot!

Tracy Farmer

Christina Rizkallah




Nora on stage, Fahteim, Jim Boz, Laura visible in the audience


Nadira Johara



Angelika Nemeth Dance Ensemble


Eshta Dance Company

Audience soaking it up!

Masouma Rose, Aida, Amy, Linda, and Magdy



Jody Miller

Zahra Zuhair

Sponsor Dee Dee Asad, Aida, and Leyla take in the show. Roxxanne in Background

Princess Farhana

Jim Boz

Rahana's Troupe Bahiya


Angelika dancing with drummers, Majdi Kurd and Ben Compani

Leila performed a Malaya Lef

Leyla brings up the stars of the weekend to finish show
  • More to come! Interview with Magdy El-Leisy, Leyla of Cairo, and more photos from the Saturday night show.

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Ready for more?
3-10-06 "Just Dance," Says Aida, A conversation with Aida Nour by Lynette Harris
She likes improvisation, and says that if a dancer has very good technique and a good ear for the music she should “just dance.”

3-7-06 Streets of Cairo- Egyptian Rhythm, Language and Dance by Keti Sharif
Cairo's streets are much like its dance – streams of freestyle movement guided by intuition rather than rules. There are no 'principles' as such in both circumstances – it’s the organic-ness of Egyptian life that creates order in chaos.

3-5-06 Cairo 2005 How to Eat, Drink, Sleep, and Breathe Raqs Sharqi, Part Two of Four-Dance Lessons by Andrea
In Egypt, if a woman is only going to wear one item of make-up, it will be black eyeliner.

3-16-06 Giza Awards 2005, A Cultural Odyssey, by Rebecca Firestone
Can it be that the West has been so involved in learning technique and choreography that the very soul of the dance has been left to those in the Middle East who are desperately struggling to keep their art alive?

3-16-06 Fahteim in Vegas by Neferteri
The Las Vegas 2006 belly dance season is off to a phenomenon beginning!

3-14-06 Hosting Australia’s Leonie and Alpen Sukan by Samiya
What was going to be another dance choreography workshop weekend turned into a weekend of dancing and drumming. It is now over year later, and people are still talking about that weekend.

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