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Gilded Serpent presents...
Queen of the Bay
Bellydance show and Competition
June 17, 2006 in Oakland, California.
Photos by Michael Baxter
Event Sponsored by Shabnam and Maurice

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"FAQs - Things To Know-
...Contest is for professional Belly Dance Soloists.
Performers are to use Middle Eastern Style music only. Turkish, Egyptian, Middle Eastern pop, and modern ok, but music must contain Middle Eastern rhythms.
Time limit for performance is 6 minutes. Routines exceeding 6 minutes will be disqualified.
'Queen of the Bay' winner will be awarded a $100.00 cash prize, tiara and title. "


Zahara wins title-
Queen of the Bay 2006

- 2nd Place

- 3rd Place

Dama Culebra




Show Performers




Doretta and Sarafine



oh la la

shab bends

Drum Circle

Nanna and Claudia

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12-8-06 It Wasn’t About the Trophy: The North Valley Belly Dance Competition in Oroville, Ca. 2006 by Salima
I have done many things in my life and by forcing myself to have other performers judge my performance, I have motivated myself to step up to the plate and accomplish what I had set in my mind to do.

10-17-06 Judging in Germany, The Summer Festival and the International Raks Sharqi Contest 2006 by Dondi S. Dahlin.
photos by Klaus Rabien, Berlin, Germany. "It is also an easy out for judges who need to find a reason to drop a dancer’s score…especially if the competition is tough."

6-21-06 Photographic Review of the 33rd Annual Bellydancer of the Year Pageant Photos and report by Michael Baxter
This show has some wonderful traditions.

6-12-06 Belly Dancer of the Year 2006 Photos by Susie Poulelis
Danville, Ca, Sunday May 28, 2006 BD of the Year - Finals, more photos coming!

7-25-06 Freedom From Choreography: A Lucy Report by Nisima
Lucy certainly did “Free me”! ...

12-5-06 The Ethics of Fusion by Naajidah
If the culture that you’re borrowing your moves from objects to your fusion, does it matter? Are you being respectful or exploitative if you borrow steps from a culture that doesn’t want their music and dance used that way?



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