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Bellydance Basics and Beyond. 
Technique for a solid foundation with Jenna
DVD Review by Monet

As a reviewer you critique things as they come to you and as you see them at that time.  My past reviews have been honest and objective.  After reviewing this DVD I find it hard to compare this instructional DVD to most I have seen in the past. 

How does one compare a nearly 2 ˝ hour video to a 40-minute video?  You simply cannot.  It would not be fair to do so. 

Who knows what another instructor would have produced given the same time.  Is a teacher responsible for the quality they put forth?  Absolutely.  But we all know it is far more costly to produce a 2 ˝ hour DVD than a 40-50 minute one.  So finances of course become a factor for someone developing an instructional DVD.  I stand by my previous reviews regardless.

The index – wow!   At first glance I believe this is going to be a thorough video and indeed it is.  

We begin with posture.  This wonderful section focuses on elongating and attention to lines.  Warm up could honestly pass for a “light” workout on its own.  I am pleased to see such a thorough warm up section. 

The breakdown section is simply HUGE.  Jenna breaks down isolations so clearly that they are both easy to understand and follow.  Compound moves begin with a very basic movement then build up to a layered or compound movement.  She goes over many different moves.  Footwork lays the foundation for layering each movement with traveling steps. Jenna starts with very basic feet then moves onto challenging traveling steps. 

The practice combos are truly fantastic.  Drills and combinations offer several different practice sessions.  You have the option of music only or music and instruction.  Once you get familiar with the movements you can opt to dive in without instruction.  A cool down is also included. 

Jenna performs at the end with four students.  The performance is in the dance studio and is very informal.   

This is probably one of the best and most complete beginner instructional DVD that I have seen in a while. 

This is more for a true student of belly dance as opposed to someone who is looking for an exercise video.  The video is well done and the vocals and music are clear.  Jenna is filmed from many different angles so you can always see her feet and legs. 

I whole-heartedly recommend this DVD.  This would make an excellent supplement for any beginner student who takes weekly class and wants more practice.  Definitely worth the money

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