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Gilded Serpent presents...
Photos of Gala Show
for Raqia
April 21, 2007
Veteran's Hall
Redwood City, Califronia

Photos by Carl Sermon
Photo prep & page layout by Michelle Joyce

Excerpt of previously posted review by Rebecca Firestone--
On Saturday night there was a show at the Veteran's Hall. The Show was: Big on technique; sometimes a little too studied. The soloists were selected mostly for being Raqia's students. I would have liked to see a little more troupe work, since other than the Hala Dance Company the evening consisted entirely of soloists, and with one exception all the soloists did modern cabaret style Egyptian dance. I suppose it would have been inappropriate to put some Turkish or Greek dance, or even Tribal, in there with Raqia as the guest of honor - or maybe not... With the right people, it could have added more variety to the evening without in any way lowering the standard. It's also hard for a soloist to fill a stage at an institutional setting without either a spotlight to condense the space, or a stage set to provide a sense of place.

The showcased stars of the evening were Tamra-Henna and Mohamed Shahin, both of whom traveled into town just for this show, with additional performances by local dancers that I knew: Hala, Ahava, Marcela, and Debbie Smith. Additional performances were by Catarina, Karawan, and a lovely dancer from Los Angeles named Meera. According to the bios in the program, most of the dancers had either studied with Raqia herself, or were proteges of other Egyptian teachers from the Mahmoud Reda school. (Raqia Hassan originally was dancer and choreographer with the Reda Troupe.)

Mohamed Shahin


Hala Dance Company

Tamra-Henna of Los Angeles



Mohamed Shahin


Tamra-Henna of Los Angeles

Debbie Smith

Marcela de Luna & Karawan


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