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Gilded Serpent presents...
The San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival 2007
Weekend One

Palace of Fine Arts
June 8, 2007
Photos by Lynette Harris
Performance descriptions are taken by permission from the World Arts West Website
2 more weekends yet to come!

Leung’s White Crane Lion and Dragon Dance Association
Originating as a Daoist ceremony to invoke the deities, this Cantonese style Chinese lion dance which features skillfully navigated and
daring jumps atop eight-foot poles, presents an inquisitive and playful lion bringing joy and auspiciousness.

Nritta Katha School of Kathak Dance
Festival favorite Parna Basu brings her lightning-speed rhythmic footwork and seemingly effortless graceful gestures to the stage
for this Muslim style North Indian kathak dance traditionally performed to evoke devotion or Bhakti in the viewer.


Theatre Flamenco
Gorgeous flourishes of ruffled, trailing skirts, called bata de colas, and expressive upper body and hand movements are featured
in this new and beautifully choreographed ensemble flamenco piece.

Reaching beyond ancient traditions for her Festival debut of Middle Eastern belly dance with an athletic style, this performance
mesmerizes with fiery fusion technique and Sufi inspired spinning within a whirlwind of alluring silk veils.


LIKHA Pilipino Folk Ensemble
A tribute to the indigenous people of Mindanao island in the Philippines, this richly textured dance is a call to the Bagobo,
Mandaya, Manobo, B’laan, and Mansaka tribes to celebrate their unity with thanksgiving festivities.

Gadung Kasturi
Evil king Newata Kawaka is defeated and heaven is saved in this Legong style Balinese classical dance depicting
a Hindu epic story from the Mahabarata, with enchanting live Gamelan musical accompaniment.


De Rompe y Raja
Good and evil engage in a battle of intricate zapateo, a complicated competition dance of percussive footwork, performed by a true master of Afro-Peruvian and African rhythms.


Instituto Mazatlán Bellas Artes de Sacramento
Spanish Gypsy, African, and South American influences course through this flirty, dynamic Chilena style dance performed
to distinctive coastal music from the Mexican region of Guerrero.

Hui Tama Nui
Drums pounding and skirts flying, an impressive group of performers fifty strong offer high energy Tahitian dances in
costumes handmade entirely of coconuts to honor their source as the “tree of life.”

All dancers return to the stage for a final bow.

Shabnam lingers on stage for some extra fun


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The Ethnic Dance Festival 2006 Photos by Susie Poulelis Weekend One – "Time" June 10, 2006
Palace of Fine Arts, San Fransico, CA

6-19-04 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival Photo Teaser June 12-27 2004 Palace of Fine Arts photos by Susie Poulelis
Taken last night, you can still see this show tonight and tomorrow and see more next weekend!

8-14-03 "What is Belly Dance?" The First Presentation in the New Symposium Series, by World Arts West A report and review by Sadira There has been much controversy surrounding the particular groups and soloists who have been chosen to represent the Middle Eastern Dance category in the Ethnic Dance series throughout its entire 25 years of production.

7-9-03 Photos of the 25th Anniversary San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival photos by Susie Poulelis
Weekend 3, held June 21 & 22, 2003 presented by World Arts West at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California

12-5-06 The Ethics of Fusion by Naajidah
If the culture that you’re borrowing your moves from objects to your fusion, does it matter? Are you being respectful or exploitative if you borrow steps from a culture that doesn’t want their music and dance used that way?

1-17-07 Western Dancer's Guilt, a Respnse to Naajidah, by Miles Copeland
People have occasionally suggested Arabs would be “horrified” by the inclusion of the Tribal style in our show but I can tell you that this style is extremely popular with Middle Easterners who come to our show.

6-13-07 Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant 2007 Saturday Photos, Photos by Michael Baxter, Photo Prep by Michelle Joyce, May 26, 2007 Danville, California, Produced by Leea
Saturday's contest includes Troupes, Duo/Trios, Grand Dancer, and Preliminaries for Solo's, Sunday Finals Coming Soon

6-10-07 MECDA’s First 30 Years , The Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association's Changing Role in our Community by Marta Schill Kouzouyan
Diversity, however, often leads to dissention, and controversy flew regarding the perception of the rather strict parameters of the Egyptian style.

6-7-07 More of Carl Sermon's Photos : Rakkasah West '07
Prep and layout by Michelle Joyce

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