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Gilded Serpent presents...
Report on the First International Bellydance Conference of Canada
Part 2 - Performances
Page 2- Friday Performances

April 20, 2007 in Toronto, Ontario
Hungarian Canadian Cultural Centre
Photos by Denise Marino

International and Canadian professional dance artists graced the stage for these high energy performances that were attended by all conference participants and the general public. The great caliber of performance was ensured by a selection process that invited artists to apply to perform. The final selection of Main Stage performers was made by a jury of professional bellydance artists from Toronto.
- Jennifer, event coordinator of IBCC

Les Tri'belles of Quebec

Leyla Zahar fro Puerto Rico

Amani Jabril of Georgia

Ariana Vega of Quebec

Mayeda of Ontario

Sofia of Ontario (age 12)

ADC Men of Ontario (Arabesque Dance Company)

Mey Jen Tillyer of Hong Kong

Roula Said of Ontario

Raqs Sahara of Washington DC

Ferda Bayazit of Turkey

Namire of Italy

Dance Poi of Alberta

Bellyqueen of New York City

Leshya Star of Spain

Sultana Dancers of Michigan

Rhythm of the Nile of Ontario

IBCC dates for next year- April 23-27, 2008

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April 18-22, 2007 Toronto, Ontario. Hosted by Yasmina Ramzy of Arabesque Academy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this International Bellydance Conference of Canada, the first ever on the Canadian dance scene, proved to be one of the top dance experiences in this reviewer’s 30-year career.

9-6-07 A Report on the First International Bellydance Conference of Canada Part 2 - Page 1 - Thursday Main Stage Photos by Denise Marino
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8-1-07 The Summer School of Khaleegy Dance, Dance Style from the Saudi Arabian Penninsula, by Yasmina Ramzy
The “moral police”and hotel security watched every move I made. All my phone calls were monitored. I was not allowed to talk to or get into an elevator with an Arab man.

8-15-07 Amina's North Beach Memories Chapter 6: Bert, by Amina Goodyear
On my first Monday at the Casa Madrid, Bert came to support the place and me. Well, what he saw was equivalent to a San Francisco earthquake.

8-13-07 Dance in a Rhode Island Summer, June 22, 2007, Performance in Tiverton by Anajim
The picturesque small harbor view was the perfect venue for this family event! The performers comprised an eclectic group that presented varied types of dance. With only one of each of the different styles, the show moved along swiftly.

8-11-07 40 Days and 1001 Nights by Tamalyn Dallal
I envisioned it as a book in which I would travel to five Islamic countries and live for 40 days in each, writing about my experiences.
When I was traveling in Indonesia, one of my friends wrote back "You need to be filming this!" I did, and a musical documentary film was born

8-10-07 Dance of Power by Kathreen Saab
The sensual is from the realm of the magical, the psyche, rather than the physical.

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