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Aruna and Debbie Aviron. At this bazaar, Aruna found the perfect pirate coat made by the author.
Gilded Serpent presents...
North Bay Bellydance Bazaar
by Aziza!
photos by many including:
Aziza!, Carl Sermon and others

 On September 8, Deborah Bennette and  Raks Rosa presented a new bellydance event.  It was held at the Saturday Afternoon Clubhouse in Santa Rosa, California and it was a great success!

There were workshops all day (taught by Theresea, Susu Pampanin, Magidah and Hannah Romanza), a large bazaar, all-day dancing performances and an evening gala show.  Everything a dancer could want.

 The day started foggy and drizzly, as so many summer days do in Santa Rosa, and the outside vendors were a little chilly, but soon the sky cleared and it was beautiful for the rest of the day.  There is no air conditioning at the Clubhouse, but all the windows were open, and those of us vendors in the back of the big room were able to open French doors, too, so it was very nice back there. 

The show was conceived as a sort of counterbalance to the yearly TribalFest that is presented in Sonoma County, so it was more cabaret in emphasis, though the presenters did include some tribal performances and classes.  The dancing on stage during the day presented both amateur and professional, both solos and troupes – something for everyone.  I particularly enjoyed Desert Jade, a duet of Theresea and Serafina, a couple of charmers who danced the whole first part of their show with trays full of flowers on their heads and then tossed the flowers to the audience, and a gang called Shiftabelly, who dressed wildly as pirates and danced to the music from “Pirates of the Caribbean” – and the first part of their dance was swordplay!  It was fun to see something different.

As is natural with a first-time event, there were a few glitches that needed to be addressed.  The site was too cramped for the number of attendees (and vendors), dancers had to dress in the kitchen, the classes were at another site and the parking situation was not ideal.  However, as Deborah said, she preferred to start small and grow rather than start large and crash and burn.  I am sure that next year the Bazaar will be at a larger location and the problems will be taken care of.

Vendors outside

Vendors inside

Guido Riccardi the MC and Ma Shuqa of Los Gatos

Coral Lee, Terrianne and Susu Pamparin play for Roz of San Rafael

Amira of Windsor

Beladi Rose

Yasmine of Benecia

Troupe Dhyanis

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