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Gilded Serpent presents...
Photos from
"Hate the Game Not the Player"
A day of dance by Bay Area's Award Winning Bellydancers
Presented by Shabnam and Mo on
Saturday December 9th 2006 in Oakland, California

Photos by Liza Heider

The all day event took place on December 9th in Oakland and was created to celebrate the the talent and accomplishments of Award Winning Bellydancers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Workshops and show featured Amy Sigil, Shabnam and Una. A big thank you to all the performers and workshop participants for making this event a success.- Shabnam



Shabnam's Troupe- Oo la la

Laucia and Tias


Troupe Unmata



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Ready for more?
12-27-07 Surreal Experience with Mahmoud Reda: A Little Aloha goes a Long Way by Tammy Yee
By the end of the evening Ric, Walid and Mr. Reda were huddled together like little boys, telling naughty jokes. Ric, of course, telling jokes beginning with "There are three friends, an Egyptian, a Lebanese, and a Filipino..." These jokes, surprisingly, initiated my Mr. Reda himself, who from the workshops I had taken to be a distinguished and refined gentleman. They laughed like old friends.

12-20-07 Bella: Profile of a Costume Designer by Michelle Joyce
When I asked her if she would soon retire, she just frowned and said that there are too many mothers who need her to stay in business for the good of their families.

12-18-07 Bully Belly by Tatseena
For example: a promoter is thinking about planning an event and is talking to a friend and says, “I can’t help it if some other teacher has planned a show on the same day or night; they are different styles anyway.”

12-13-07 A Report on the First International Bellydance Conference of Canada Part 2 - Sunday Club Party Photos by Denise Marino and Lynette
Live orchestra, Randa, Amir, a packed house and very festive mood. How could it be any better?

12-6-07 IBDC- Part 1 A Brand New Idea for Belly Dance: The Festival Idea in its Formative Years by Amina Goodyear
I’m speaking of a festival and its promoters that promised more than they were able to deliver.

12-5-07 The Devil's Details, Show Ethics for Professionals Part 4 - What NOT To Do by Yasmin
Show up drunk or stoned. No more needs to be said.

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