Sophia guards the van

Gilded Serpent presents...
Middle Eastern Music
and Dance Camp
Mendocino Woodlands, August 17-24, 2008

photo and video reports by Sophia and Lynette Harris

Sunday Orientation and Monday activities
8-18-08- Sophia and I are settled in our camp spot in our Volkswagen camper. Last night was registration and orientation. Everyone gathered in the dance hall. The hall is a post and beam style building decorated with David Ludwig's beautiful silk painted backdrops. Samira Tamer introduced the staff, giving each teacher a chance to entice students to their classes. Anthony, a PhD student, announced that he would be filming and interviewing for his dissertation on teaching and learning Middle Eastern Music and Dance in the United States. Liliana Sanchez of Belly Dance Magazine announced a contest that would be held this week. The 3 finalists would dance on Saturday night and the winner would win a tour to Turkey! After the announcements the chairs were put away and the music and dancing began. Sophia and I retired to the camper where we could hear the wonderful music as we fell asleep.

This morning the classes begin. Dinner and breakfast was quite good! The students on scholarship working the kitchen were cheerful and surprisingly bright eyed after being up so late last night!

Please enjoy todays pictures!

Shoshanna holds Amira while standing with Adam. Shoshanna is responsible for organizing alot of the dance events this week.

Nasser's oud class

Tamara finds a new pet banana slug

Robyn Friend does Persian

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