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Gilded Serpent presents...

The International Bellydance Conference of Canada

Saturday Gala Stage Performance, Act 1

held in Ryerson Theatre, April 26, 8pm, 2008
Video and photos by Gilded Serpent Staff

Performers in Act 1 with available details on performance.

  • Arabesque Dance Company of Toronto
    An Interpretive piece called Nuit - a prayer to the ancient Egyptian Goddess Nut or Nuit whose belly is the night sky which holds all the stars of the universe depicted by eleven priestess
  • Lopa Sarkar of the UK and Toronto-Bollywood
  • Sacred Dance Company of Victoria, Nath's troupe (visible in the video only)
  • Nath Keo of Victoria- Cambodian Bellydance Fusion?
  • Roshana Nofret & Maria Zapetis of Bozenka's BD Academy of Florida
  • Ensemble El Saharat of Germany- Double Veil by M & A's troupe
  • Mayyadah & Amir of Germany- Storytelling with masks?
  • Ferda Bayazit of Turkey and Vancouver- Turkish Rom
  • Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra of Toronto
    White costume with veils - Oriental piece danced to a song called Bint El Hitta
    Red & white with boys and girls - Port Said style dance done by the fisherman of the Suez Canal. Troupe dances to song- Arab Habibi
    Dance of Melaya Luff (visible in the video only)
    Yasmina's solo to Esmaouni
    Tanura or Whirling Dervish
    Long row in black and white dresses - finale called Beini Ou Benak

Hopefully one of the many photographers present at this event will send us higher quality photos!
Meanwhile enjoy the video and for those who cannot view video we have included a few of the half decent photos we were able to catch.

Ferda Bayazit of Turkey and Vancouver
Turkish Rom

A MOSAIC ( a favorite Canadian word!) of video glimpses from the first half of the show.

"Canadian's see their country as a mosaic rather than a melting pot as proclaimed in the US!"

Part 2 of the Gala Performance includes:
Aisha Ali, Bozenka, Amy Sigil & Kari Vanderzwaag, Tito, and Aida Nour!

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Ready for more?

  • Reports are presented in video format inbedded all on the same page.
    - remix from last year's stars-Sofia, Serena, Rhythm Of The Nile, Anita of Dance Poi, pregnant Mayada, Shades Of Araby- Valizan and Sofia, Rayna, Rahma, troupe in shinny black straight skirts? Masouma Rose getting Mayyadah and Amir's reaction to the show. Clip intro reporting by Shira.
    Introduced by Ferda and Lynette Harper
    -Roula Said's Roulettes M2,
    Jaida of New York, Ozgen of Turkey and the UK, Ivanka of Panama, The amazing Asha of Atlanta and the troupe, Goddess Bellydance of Korea.
    -Reporting today are Roula Said, Mark Balahadia, and Ranya Renee.
    Video glimpses included: Tito, Bozenka, Ferda, Lynette Harper, Ranya Renee, Mark Balahadia, Roula Said, Stavros, The "Man Panel," plus more
    -This video clip is a collage from the Main Stage show on Friday night.
    Performers included: Banat el Sharq, Ishra (we missed her- sorry!), Suha, Mark Balahadia, Nouvel Expose', Mariyah, Dominique, edVenture Arts, Dr Sawa, Danielle, Maqamaikaze, Jim Boz, Leah & Lynette Harper, Sefirah, and Arabian Allspice
    4-30-08 Day 4 Saturday Daytime Activities-Reporting today are Andrea Deagon and Rahma Haddad
    Glimpses include: Bozenka's class, Aida Nour's class, Amy Sigil's Class, Panel on Teaching Standards, and Aisha Ali's lecture

  • 5-16-08 Visiting Cairo: You live a whole lifetime in one week! by Paola
    Laughter builds bridges, and in today’s world, bridges –between individuals and between cultures, are becoming more and more of an imperative.
  • 5-13-08 The Ancient Art of Keeping Your Mouth Shut by Neon
    Even one’s casual presence in the forums infested with negative-spirited discussions can instantly strip a successful artist of her magical charisma.
  • 5-9-08 Carl Sermon's Photos from the Hoover Hafla
    Event produced by The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of MECDA on February 10, 2008, at Hoover Theatre in San Jose, CA
  • 5-8-08 The Dance Zones of Egypt: Sahra Kent's Journey Through Egypt Basic 1 Workshop Report and photos by Debbie Smith
    Although not strictly speaking a “dance”workshop, for each zone we got up to learn some characteristic steps and posture, and gestures associated with each dance zone/style, a good way to blend the theoretical with the experiential.
  • 5-5--8 Dances along the Nile, Part 2: Raks Al Balas by Gamila El Masri, Reprinted with permission, from Bennu, Issue Vol.6 #3
    Ah, the poor balas (water jug). This is one of the most underestimated and ignored of the dances along the Nile.

Yasmina Ramzy








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