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Sunday at Carnival of Stars Festival
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November 9, 2008, Centenial Hall in Hayward, CA

Photos by Carl Sermon

Festival Sponsors- Pepper Alexandria and Latifa

posted 2-4-09
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TerriAnne's Troupe belly dances
TerriAnne's Troupe Joweh
TerriAnne's Troupe belly dances
Troupe Nambah Bahira belly dances
Troupe Nambah Bahira
Troupe Nambah Bahira belly dances
Una's Troupe belly dances
Una and Troupe Nijmeh
Z belly dances
Zahara belly dances
Zilly Girls belly dance
Zilly Girls- Blond, Brunette, Eva
Zorba belly dances
Coming soon-- a Gig Bag Check with Zorba!


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2-2-09 Bahram Osqueezadeh on Persian Santur video
Footage captured in August 2008, at the Mendocino Woodlands, Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp.Bahram play for us and talks about his intrument.

2-2-09 Sunday at Carnival of Stars, Page 4: R-T by Carl Sermon
November 9, 2008, Event Sponsors- Pepper Alexandria and Latifa

1-30-09 Say Thank You! Gracefully Accepting Compliments by Chandani
Responding with a simple “Thank you!” should be rewarding to both parties. By receiving praise from another, you acknowledge that you did your job well. It should be a merry moment that enhances your spirit. You have an accomplishment that you should be proud to share, and the audience member offering you the compliment is acknowledging that your dance has touched something in the life of another.

12-16-08 Whose Dance is This, Anyway? Where Do Men Fit into the Belly Dance World? by Lara
As soon as he was born, dancers of all stripes immediately started in with "Oh, a new little drummer for the troupe!". Excuse me? Why is there an instant assumption from birth that all little boys will be drummers and all little girls will be dancers just like mommy.
---Added Feature! See our Gallery of Men in Middle Eastern Dance

7-15-08 Egyptian Wedding Stories by Leila of Cairo
All the guests were staring at us. The father of the bride demanded to know who ordered the bellydancer and it seemed a fight was going to break out between representatives of the brides’ family and the hotel organizer.

7-12-08 Jodette: Undeniably Authentic by Sausan
“Why do students go against their own teacher,” Jodette continued , “and spread ugly rumors?” I looked at her a shook my head. It's a lament that I, too, have experienced from time to time as teacher of this dance.

7-9-08 Journey into Womanhood by Elizabeth Artemis Mourat
Our mission, as women, is to encourage others to joyfully anticipate all the decades of their lives. Those who have gone before us have always and will always help us on our paths.

7-8-08 When Two Doors Close Two Doors Open, New Venues in New York City, by Sarah Skinner
Scott was thrilled with the new place and said it reminds him of the late night clubs in Istanbul, Turkey. At the end of the night I walked out into the hot summer air feeling invigorated and inspired.

7-3-08 Belly Dancing in Estonia by Ines Karu
As in the rest of the world, the Egyptian style of belly dance is the most popular one in Estonia. Most of the instructors and dancers are specialized in that style. The American Tribal Style Belly Dance is also becoming more known each day. The general impression of belly dance in Estonia is glamorous, feminine, luxurious, modern and elegant. It's a time where Estonian dancers can truly say that they can be proud to be a Middle Eastern dance artist in Estonia.

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