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29th Annual
Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant
sponsored by Belly Dance! of Walnut Creek, CA
Saturday, May 26
Benicia High School, Benicia, CA

by GS Staff
Sunday's contest to come....
This year's Belly Dancer of the Year, Aziza, accepts her trophy and prize money from last year's winner, Zaheea.


It's hard to be the first up, but she was ready for it:
comfortable and smooth with her cane.
A great opening act and the winner of
Miss Congeniality.

excels in her floor work. We would have loved to see her entire routine on the floor...has anyone attempted such a feat? She could pull it off.


chose an interesting musical selection. She had poise,
but we would have liked to see more variety -
both in style and movement.



This twelve-year old dancer executed brave and daring feats with her sword, with good balance and control. She has been belly dancing for only a year! We admire her courage!

Heather Rose
had nice stage presence; she certainly had a fan club in the crowd! With a few more years experience with the
right teacher, she will be a great addition
to the next generation of dancers.

seemed to please the crowd. She was all charismatic and about fun. We liked the double veil with these gorgeous silk tie-dyes. Aneena placed as 2nd Runner Up.
brings an air of grace and poise.
She appears to be comfortable on stage -
we appreciate this level of experience.

Liquid fire! This was the performance of her life. She was intense, yet still soft, when needed. A pleasure to watch. She placed as 1st Runner Up.

After a beautiful sword number on the floor,
she started the fast portion before rising. Very unique
and effective! She took home the prize for 3nd Runner Up, although we wanted her to place 2nd.
Yasmine also performs with Sirens in Sanity.


Wow, is she easy on the eyes! Not only that, she rocked the house. A well-rounded dancer of many styles and forms, Aziza breezed in and scooped up the crown for Belly Dancer of the Year. Clearly, our choice for this year.
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