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1001 Nights
Oslo Belly Dance Festival, The Show

May 2 - 4, 2003
by lunacia

For the third year in a row Siri Ydstie has arranged the belly dance festival in Oslo, Norway. The festival began with a show at Oslo Concert Hall, and this year's guest star was Lulu Sabongi from Brazil, who opened this year's show.


Lulu selected "Zina" for her opening , and danced an Oriental improvisation. Yasmin is an experienced Norwegian dancer who performs at the Libyan restaurant, Al Chouf in Oslo.

Margrethe Glambek


I thought Margrethe's show was captivating. It was gratifying to see so many different styles and dancers like Margrethe, a woman in her prime, and perhaps the first belly dancer in Norway. We could see styles like Tribal, which is very new in Norway, American style veil dancing, and more.



Adryanna and Cheb

In my opinion, one of the highlights of the show was Adryanna Shamsa dancing with Cheb Hocine's singing. It was as if sparks were flying between them, you could see how much they enjoyed accompanying each other on stage.

The only professional male belly dancer in Norway

Anita Iversen
American style veil dancing

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