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The Belly Dance Reader 2

An Anthology of Essays
by GS Contributors

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Book size is 8.5" x 11"  (21.59 x 27.94 cm) Glossy color cover, Black & White Bleed on White paper, 346 pages.

Product Description:
In this encompassing work Gilded Serpent presents to our diverse community a thoroughly researched, well-rounded, and focused book that reflects the many facets of this performance genre. With The Belly Dance Reader, books 1 & 2, we hope to share knowledge and experience in Middle Eastern performing arts and related fields. Our contributors reflect the diversity of this genre and their range of knowledge is great: From offering practical advice or delving into the history of significant periods to exploring music, costuming, or business practice, to focusing on theoretical interpretations of dance. Some writers reflect accumulated years of personal experience, while others are driven by academic research into the history, culture, and performances. Our authors encompass the cerebral as well as the passionate. In addition, The Belly Dance Reader provides difficult-to-find written sources and graphics that are not readily available elsewhere, thus serving as an archive of information as well as a meeting ground for sharing knowledge and wisdom.

Belly Dance Reader Book 2 Contents

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Section 1 - 19th and 20th Century History

Section 2 - Impacts of Orientalism

  • Ethical Authenticity by EmmaLucy Cole
  • Raqs Sharqi Under the Orientalist Gaze by Catherine Perry
  • Cliches & Studio Fantasy, Images of Algerian Women in Colonial Postcards by Amel Tafsout

Section 3 - Cultural Dance Styles

Book 2 cover

Princess Farhana's


Section 4 - Tarab

  • Structured Improvisation and Dance Composition by Alia Thabit
  • Moving in Ecstasy by Tamra-henna
  • Taqsim in America by Amina Goodyear
  • The Emergence of Tarab by Candace Bordelon, Ph.D

Section 5 - Music

  • A Musicality Technique for Western Belly Dancers by Najia Marlyz
  • The Dumbek Drum Family by Richard Adrian Steiger
  • Who Follows Who? by Susu Pampanin
  • Musician Trading Cards by Lynette, Sausan, and Amina Goodyear

Section 6 - Enhancing Dance

Section 7 - Teaching

Section 8 - Business

The Backside

  • Arabic Chat Alphabet for translating Arabic Script into Latin Script
  • Test Your Knowledge! Egypt & Egypt Folkloric Dance Quiz by Sahra Carolee Kent
  • The BDR2 Picture Crossword by Lynette
  • A Glossary of Common Belly Dance Terms- expanded from BDR1
  • Sara's Word Search
  • Contributors Bios
  • Photo Credits
  • References, A Bibliography Project, Bonus Material, Disclaimers, Errata
  • Keyword Index- by Scholar demand


Bonus Features - Coming soon! , videos, PDF downloads, forms, photos in color.

  • Musician and Composer Trading Cards
  • crossword puzzle for testing students on the contents of the book.
  • Word Search


The Bibliography Project



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