The Gilded Serpent
Gilded Serpent presents...
Yasmina's First Club Gig

The characters of this little story are fictional and not meant to represent anyone in real life. Enjoy!

Club Owner: "You're so beautiful! Wouldn't you like to audition to dance for us?
Yasmina:"Why YES! How's tomorrow sound?"
CO: "Wonderful, we will see you then!"

Yasmina: "SO, how did I do?"
CO: " Call me tomorrow."

CO: "Yes Yasmina, we would like you to dance for us. Come in tomorrow and let's talk about details. Oh, please don't tell anyone, yet."

Yasmina calls her teacher, " I got it! I got it! He was so nice! I feel like I can trust him!" Teacher: "You can't! Remember the going rate is 2 piastres a night. Any less and you ruin it for all of us" Yasmina then calls Ismeralda, Sinderella, Bo and Mig, swearing them to secrecy of course! They all congratulate her and say to themselves-"I gotta go talk to this guy and get an audition for ME!"

CO: "Yasmina! How wonderful to see you! Yes, we are going to take VERY good care of you and teach you about the music and how to be a star! We know you are a beginner so we will pay you 1 piastre, BUT give you 3 pieces of baklava, all the retsina you want, a dressing room with no peep holes and a hook to hang your costumes! Oh, and you can park in our loading zone! The authorities rarely ticket anyone."
Yasmina: "Oh, you're SOOO generous! I feel so at home here already!"
CO: "Oh, and your shows will be at 3 PM and 1 AM on Mondays. We will expect you to bring a dozen friends who will all buy dinner, every week."

Teacher hears what the deal is, "AAAAUGH! You agreed to what!!!?"

Yasmina: "She never even let me explain! She's just jealous of my youth, beauty, and success!"