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Dance in Palma De Mallorca

Hewla’s Studio

Palma de Mallorca in Spain

photos by Gabriel Monserrat Lopez
posted July 13, 2012

Ed note: Upon invitation, Gabriel, one of our wonderful photographers sent us photos from his wife’s classes in Mallorca, Spain.

Helwa, Belly dance teacher and director of Academia Helwa de Danza del Vientre pioneer of teaching this art for more than 12 years in Palma de Mallorca, Balears Island, Spain.
She is one of the teachers of Amani Oriental Festival in Beirut Lebanon, in 2012.

During her classes all the techniques and studies are developed with history, fun and investigation. Other kinds of art, such as theatre, music, singing, and poetry are included in the shows because Helwa has lived these experiences all of her life. Helwa believes that a way to touch the sensiblilty of her dance students is to include all the Oriental art forms in her instruction.



Playing the darbuka  for dance with and without finger cymbals, in the studying of rhythms.
Playing the darbuka are Sonia, Sandra and Cecilia.

After class and happy with the results
Eva, Neus, Cati, Lida Oliva, Marina, Rosa, Nayra, Najla, Madgalena Lopez.
Sitting: Cecilia, Helwa, Sandra H.
and Sonia Toledo

The classical technique of skirt dancing. When the costume becomes part of the dance.
Hafsa, Katja A., Pepa, Zel, Mercé S.



Pepa, Hafsa and Helwa


Beautiful and charming Bahija !


The combined technique of skirt dancing and veil.
left to right- Alicia A., Hafsa, Zel, Bahija, Katja A., Helwa and Pepa




The beautiful flying veils of
Helwa, Mercé S., Bahija, Hafsa, Victoria E.(in blue), Ester T. and Hanife M.
click for photo enlargement



Helwa does hip moves and bendir strikes to mark the rhythms.


Lifting  and dropping hips for baladi steps
Eva P., Tereza P., Eugenia E., Antonia R. and Joanna M.


Helwa, Tereza P, Eugenia E. and Maria A.



Baladí girls striking a final pose
Carolina M., Eva P., Cata R., Beatriz J.,Tereza P., Angela S., Helwa, Maria A. ,
Caludia T., Eugenia E., Eva S., Antonia R.
and Joanna M.



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  1. RosaNo Gravatar

    Sep 12, 2013 - 01:09:27

    In my opinion, Helwa is the most important belly dance teacher in Mallorca. She is both serious and loving, her classes are amazing, technique, with a good environment, you could feel  the good energy and the fine work with enthusiasm. She doesn’t teach only dance : History, culture and femininity are importants for a future professional belly dancer. She stands out by her excellent coreographies and her way of feeling the life.

  2. catNo Gravatar

    Oct 10, 2013 - 02:10:44

    Please send me details of regular classes in palma. Thankyou.


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