Statement Clarification & RAQ THE VOTE!

There is increasing evidence that MECDA's mailing list was stolen by the "Concerned MECDA Members" committee with the intent of attempting to convince members to send their BLANK ballots to the "Committee" so they could vote instead of you!

These people can write whatever they want. Please refer to the letter from Helen Kelso below for the response to the financial issue. MECDA promises all members full confidentiality regarding personal information given to us.  Each Board member signs a pledge not to sell or give away MECDA's lists. This pledge has been betrayed by some individual.

We have a request for you: If you received the so-called "Concerned Member" letter, and have kept the envelope in which it was sent, please note whether the label has unique similarities to your official MECDA label such as identical abbreviations, family memberships, discrepancies in address, etc. If you do discover any of these factors leading you to believe they have the same origin, please EMAIL, call 626/836-0337 or send MECDA the envelope to P.O. Box 946, Rosemead, CA 91770.

This is an extremely important issue. We are working toward determining who is at fault, and wish to correct this betrayal of your trust. We appreciate all the help you can provide.


The MECDA Board:  
President, Janet Thomas
Vice President, Marta Schill Kouzouyan
Secretary, Rosemary Humbert


The following should clear up the mystery of the $40,584 alleged missing from MECDA's Treasury.

"To Whom It May Concern:

I served as MECDA's Treasurer for four years: 2002 - 2006. I personally submitted MECDA's Income Tax Returns for the third and fourth of those years. Per my reporting, MECDA's Income Tax Returns were NOT INTENDED to match MECDA's Revenue and Expense Statements for the following reason.

MECDA's Fiscal Year is May 1 - April 30. Between January 1 and the Fiscal Year closing on April 30, much income is received from vendors, and some also from performers and attendees, for the Cairo Carnivale which will take place in June of the next Fiscal Year.
In filing our Income Tax Returns I decided to report these monetary receipts in the Fiscal Year in which we physically received them.

However, it would not have been proper to report these advance Cairo Carnivale receipts in the Revenue and Expense Statement for the Fiscal Year prior to the Cairo Carnivale which generated them. They should be reported in the same Fiscal Year as the Cairo Carnivale which generated them.

MECDA's Income Tax Returns (filed for information only, as we are Tax Exempt) for the Fiscal Year 5/1/05 - 4/30/06 show some of the advance Gross Revenue from Cairo Carnivale 2006.

MECDA's Revenue and Expense Statement for the Fiscal Year 5/1/05 - 4/30/06 shows as Revenue from Special Events the Net Revenue from Cairo Carnivale 2005 less the loss from the Anniversary Party 2005." --- Helen Kelso

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