Dear SF/BA MECDA Chapter Members:

Due to the recent letter sent from “Committee of Concerned MECDA Members,” which you may or may not have received, we, the board of the SF/BA MECDA Chapter wanted to reach out to you. As the SF/BA Board cannot personally corroborate the assertions made in the letter we are officially not taking any stance. We would, however, like to speak to what we as a MECDA Chapter have done and continue to do for the members of our community.

Since the founding of the SF/BA MECDA, the board has worked as an almost completely autonomous unit from Central MECDA (MECDA’s headquarters located in

Southern California). The funds that the SF/BA MECDA Chapter has in its bank account were generated by the hard work of its board (past and present), staff, and volunteers at the various events held over the past seven years. Over that time, the president and other officers have contributed significant personal funds to help these events be a success. No board members of the SF/BA MECDA Chapter have ever received a stipend or pay for any project or event. Also, the chapter books are available for anyone to examine.

Over the years, SF/BA MECDA Chapter has received the following from Central MECDA:

  • $5 for each NEW member (no funds are received for continuing members)
  • Event Insurance - the SF/BA MECDA Chapter is covered under the MECDA corporate umbrella policy, protecting event participants and keeping event costs down
  • MECDA's Not-for-Profit 501(c)3 status – this enables the SF/BA MECDA Chapter to earn discounts on some venue rentals and services; Central MECDA also maintains and manages this Not-for-Profit status -
  • The use of MECDA's well-established name -
  • MECDA Central is responsible for completing the Year End Tax filing

Every year the SF/BA MECDA Chapter pays for the following services out of its event budget:

  • SF/BA MECDA website - $40 per year for web hosting and tech support (significantly below market value) -
  • Cost of maintaining a bank account -
  • Cost of fees associated with using PayPal -
  • Post Office Box -
  • Printing and Reproduction of flyers and newsletters -
  • Event Expenses including but not limited to venue rentals and services, instructor and performer fees, etc.

We, the SF/BA MECDA Chapter board, do not endorse nor support the sending of your ballot to anyone to vote on your behalf and we encourage you be cautious about reading too much into the information that you have been sent.

Should you wish to contact the board for discussion or questions, contact information is:

P.O. Box 2818
Sunnyvale, CA 94087


Phone 408-363-0110

The SF/BA MECDA Chapter Board

Adira (Karen Stevens)

Zemira (Alisha Westerfeld)
Vice President

Davina (Dawn Devine)

Judy Johnson

Info/message line 408.363.0110