Filmed by Lynette, no editing done, just uploaded.
Feel free to scroll through anything you find boring.


2013 -
Kiln Tour with Al Widenhofer
Lighting the Raku kiln
Jorge applies horse hair to pots
Guest artist Scott ?
Make a Mask Demo by Al Widenhofer
Pit Firing at the beach
Firing the masks in the raku kiln

2014 -
Jason Dunn on Underglazes
Jason Dunn's Intro to the Raku Kiln
Guest Artists Adam Field

2015 -
Bill Abright's Ocarina Demo
Bill Abright- 1-30-15 Lecture Part 1
Bill Abright - Gathering Clay
Bill's Demo of DIY Mini Kiln

Sonrientes Figure at De Young Museum


Jason - Continuous Curve Bowl

Jason- Throws a Spout
Jason- Donut Demo
Jason- Mug Demo


COMING! More parts to Bill's 1-30-15 lecture,
Jason's lecture on stoneware glazes


Andy Ruble- guest artist

Brian rebuilds the soda kiln!


Brian Rebuilds the Soda Kiln!

COM Fall 2018

Posted on Facebook in the "public group" of " COM Potters and Others"


Andy Ruble - Guess Artist

COM in April 2018




Big Pot




Jason Throws a Mug

filmed in 2015, uploaded 8-28-17

Filmed on August 31, 2015. Jason shows the size ball of clay to use - smaller than your fist,
then centers (without the slapping stage) then make the well, then flattens and compresses the bottom,
pulls up the wall, compresses the lip, and the discusses style points including where to attach the handle.


Jason demos making a donut

uploaded 4-12-17


Jason throws a spout

uploaded 4-12-17


Jason demos making a bowl- continuous curve

filmed 10-17-16


Logan's Handle Demo



Logan's Trimming Demo



Logan's Slab Cup Demo



Logan's Hand Project



Logan's Mask Demo

uploaded 7-11-15


Ceramics Classes Spring 2015

Primitive Ceramics - Bill Abright - Demo of DIY Mini Kiln


Ceramics Classes Spring 2015

Primitive Ceramics - Bill Abright - Gathering Clay




Ceramics Classes Spring 2015

Primitive Ceramics - Bill Abright- 1-30-15 Lecture Part 1

Other parts coming soon!


Ceramics Classes Spring 2015

Primitive Ceramics - Bill Abright- Ocarina Demo


Ceramics Class Fall 2014

Guest Potter Jerardo Tena



Ceramics Class Fall 2014

Jason Dunn lectures on Underglazes

September 3, 2014


Ceramics Class Fall 2014

Jason Dunn on Raku


Guest Artist - Adam Field

Adam demonstrates how he makes those pretty flowers in the bottom of his pots!


Ceramics Class Fall 2013

Tour of the Kilns on the first day of class. This one is a slide show with no sound.


Professor Al Widenhofer lights the raku kiln.


Advanced student Jorge's pots decorated with Horsehair after Raku firing



Guest Artist Scott Demos his style of making pots- combo of pinch and throwing.


Al demonstrates how to make a quick mask using tectures and stretching


The pit firing at North Beach in Point Reyes on 10-26-13. 7 or 8 minutes long

There is more footage of digging the pit but its stuck on another video camera right now. I can't get the computer and camera to recognize each other. I'll figure it out soon.

The "little balls" are drawer pulls or knobs I was refiring with more glaze.
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