Mid Summer's Night Dream


cast photo
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Theseus's court


Oberon and Titania

Sophia Harris and Director Tina



Chloe and Bridget (and SH) did a great job.Costume still needs heat set , wash?, tack down scraps and odd pieces. Cloe is adding pink to the mossy crown she has.

Asher and mom did the dying. It faded a bit when I washed it. Still needs scraps/strips added. Changing to using the fringy stilt pants as a cape with black velvet pants and above shirt,



I need to finish top

Mom took home






Mom took home to work on

Sabrina took to playhouse

Mom took home

Mom took home

mom took home is adding fabric scraps

much more fabric scraps added.
Sabrina took to play house


green dyed


Mom took home?

dylan's fairy costume he wouldn't wear





Sophia H using stencils and Talia making fringe

Experiment with stencils on demo costume, Purple and blue top is the start of Moth costume- needs black on outer edges yet.

We found the subtle colors are beautiful up close but we have to get bolder for the audience distance. Zoe finds out that she is indeed an artist making her cobweb costume.

Sophia and AlyssandraCourt of Theseus - Girls