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First Year

Born at home on January 13, 1998 at 12:56pm. 8#, 11 oz., 21 inches. She came out screaming, stopping only for a pause when she heard her brother's voice. Michel and Dad cut the cord.

photo at 2 weeks
another photo at 2 weeks
photo with bigbro Michel, at 3 1/2 weeks

At 4 weeks, Sophia is learning to smile and weighs 9#, 15 oz.
At 8 weeks,she is blowing bubbles & raspberries, sticking out her tongue when you do.
At 10 weeks she is facinated by her hands and is able to "bat" at toys within her reach.
When Sophia was 3 mos, we took a great trip to Denver to see Grandpa & Grandma. for Passover & Easter

photo of both kids with Grandma Nancy
photo of Sophia with Grandpa Bud

photo of George & 3mo old Sophia
B&W photo of Sophia with Lynette & Robyn, by Jeanine Brandi

At 4 months, Sophia's eyes are turning green, and her hair is a light brown. She can sit in a "tripod (one hand helping support weight on the ground)", loves to be tickled, and grabs at anything within reach, pulling it to her mouth. Sophia still adores her brother Michel, watching his every move, and smiling whenever he comes near her.

At 6 1/2 months, Sophia is crawling and pulling herself up to standing on the furniture.

At 8 months, Sophia is into everything. climbing the stairs, putting everything in her mouth. She loves to eat paper. She loves the cat (poor thing), squealing with delight she tracks him down all over the house. Michel is learning to be tolerant of her destroying his villages and train tracks. Sophia is experimenting with feeding her babydoll a bottle. Mostly she drags the doll around by the hair.

9 months- Sophie says "Hi Dad," and is walking with toy shopping cart (George says this is a great survival skill in our neighborhood) and with a toy lawn mower. At 9.5 mos Sophia says, "dada, moma, titi, kitty, hi," appropriately, and will randomly mimic words we say, i.e. "upstairs" but not showing that she knows what they mean. Michel still gets very frustrated with her, but has found a few ways they can play together.

12 months- Sophia is walking now and saying a few words.

Sophia's ultrasound profile at 17 weeks gestation.
astrological birth chart
Sophia's palms. Any comments or interpretations?

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