BW poster to print,Color poster to print, Animal Shelters, Ads & other resources, phone numbers, Psychic friend, Scam artists, misc , map of area where lost
Doger dug out of Richard's yard on June 25, 2006. Richard lives on east 33rd street in Oakland between Highland Hospital and Oakland High school.
Doger is 5 years old. 60 # with scars on his knees and top of paws. High strung and very, very smart.
Doger actually lives and is licensed in Marin County, CA

He is a fear biter and doesn't like delivery trucks and the men in them in uniform. Whoever has him should be mindful of the responsibility that goes with keeping Doger. He is very territorial and overprotective in the area he feels he needs to guard or the persons he needs to protect. He has been recorded as biting a jogger and a CHP officer. He is also needy for attension and very well trained. He will sit or lie down with a look or by pointing at the floor. He loves tennis balls. His family, including two children, miss him very much!

Contact: Lynette Harris 415-455-8455, cell 415-297-4658,
Richard's number is 510-295-3594
, Color poster full page,
wav. sound file of owner calling Doger- (could be recorded on a tape or CD and played on a car stereo while driving around looking)

Animal Shelters
Kennels, DOA Files, Binders
Oakland (goal 2xw)
510.535.5602 list 4
closed on mon
Alameda (goal 2xw)
510-337-8565 x 2
closed Sun/ Mon
Berkeley (goal 2xw)
x 0
Fairmont (goal 1xw)
(510) 667-7736
510-667-7707 shelter
11:30 - 5:30
Pinole (goal 1xw)
(510) 724-1036
Marin (goal 1xw)
Hotline: 415-883-4621 x 377 for lost dogs
CoCo (goal 1xw)
martinez , closed mon
(925) 335-8330
10-13-06   Called-not there Called-not there   Called-not there not on list Called-not there
where is report?
it may be time to go visit each shelter again andmake sure they still have reports and posters
Sept-Oct Ann Henning has been hired to keep checking Oakland and Fairmont     Ann       many calls made but not recorded
9/7 hotline checked not there 9:40 am not there, remembers Doger by name   mess left   Talked w volunteer , report missing, will go fix Ann will begin visits soon
9/5 many calls to hotline in last week, no answer at 0              
not on list recording, no answer at 11 am, call later, 1:30 still no pick up remembers me, not there not there per staff- "we see his signs all over town, we will keep our eyes out for him" remembers me, not there not there per staff not on recording mess left  
8/22 not there per staff, did I get the right desk? Could they really only have 4 dogs? Ann checked 3 days ago, no Doger not there per staff
10 am
not there per staff
1:30 pm
not there per staff 1:30 pm
not there per staff hotline checked, Rachel covering not there per staff, need to go by and file an official report. richard out of town this week. hayward un reachable
  r- 8/17 r- 8/17 r- 8/17 r- 8/16 r- 8/16 Rachel covering      
hotline checked       messages left hotline checked messages left    
8/8 not per staff       R hotline
8/9 Rachel will watch
volunteer called    
8/3 L& kids L& kids L& kids     L-8/2    
  R-7/30   R-7/30 R-7/30 R-7/30      
7/27           L&kids
L calls to Solano AC, emails to Hayward AC,, critter control
7/25 R R R R R  

L-call to martinez volunteers

7/22 R-Kennels, Binders, DOA R-K, B, DOA   R-K, B, DOA          
7/20     R-K, B, DOA   R-K, B, DOA   L-recieved email- not there    
7/19     Stasha -K, B            
7/18 L-Kennels, DOA Files, Binders L-K, DOA, B L--K, DOA, B L-Kennels, Binders   L-K, DOA, B      
7/10         R-i checked the alameda shelter saturday the 8th this dog is not doger i've all so been to the contra costa county, berkeley and oakland shelters every two days they all have pictures of doger, there is an ad in the oakland paper running . there are at least four listings for doger on craigslist .i have started to up date it dailey,and i check the list acouple times aday i have sent letters to all the animal hospitals in the east bay and all the vets i could find listed. i have gone through all the police animal death reports and there is no mention of any dog even close to dogers description
Other Resources
ads placed
ads checked
Flyers posted
SF Chron
EB Express/SF weekly
Oakland Trib
Zip 94610,use check box for similiar breeds
search Aus Shep, bord collie, mutt, other
enter Dog in search
SF Chron
lost items
EB Express
lost and found
Oakland Trib
lost found
oct relisted weekely still there       checked weekly   checked weekly        
sept relisted weekely         checked weekly   checked weekly       Ann has been great, reminding me when craigs list ad falls off
9/7           l l l l l l  
  9/3         M m m m m m  
  8/26             8/26       note to hopalong
8/17 l         not working   l l l    
8/13           M M L L L L  
  8/9             8/9    
            8/7, 8/8 8/4, 8/8 8/4, 8/7   8/3 posters- tilden, clairmont, diamond park, Montclair, UPS driver, MX post man
7/30 pets & L/F         L   L    
petfinders $130
will call 60 block radius
7/28   $56 print and online x 30 days            
richard checking
Jonathan is going to ask PO friends how to get posters in Employee lounges
7/26         riding stables called/faxed
found area to submit pic of doger
not a very good site
Where's my ad? will resubmit
L email to Orinda PD
poster faxed to EBpark Police
mess- tilden staff
fax to CHP, Ann got poster to San Leandro PD & AC
7/25           Sophia- BC.Aussie, no pref   Sophia-pets, L/F        
7/24                       faxed to PO in west oakland, BAyellow cab
7-22           L L L        
 7/19-26  7/18  x  $19 x for the next 7 days
CoCo times $12.95
             L-E33rd to HACH, color flyers with $500 reward offer
7/8         FidoFinder upgrade $80          
 7/5       R             R- "400 flyers at every intersecion from14 st to park from 580 to international. postors up at the berkeley and piont isabela dog parks "
  • Oakland Humane Society 510.535.5602
  • Oakland SPCA 510.569.0702
  • Fairmont Animal Shelter, San Leandro (510) 667-7736 open 7 days
  • Alameda Animal Control (510)337-8565
  • Berkeley Humane Society 510.845.7735
  • Marin Humane Society 415.456.1941 Hotline: 415-883-4621 x 377 for lost dogs,
  • Oakland Animal Control 510.535.5602
    rescue group referals- Megan web
    -Community Outreach Coordinator and her phone is 510-535-5604.
  • Berkeley Animal Control 510.981.6600
  • Contra Costa Animal Control 510.374.3966
  • CoCo animal shelter volunteers-
    Martinez (925) 335-8330
    Pinole (510) 724-1036
  • Hayward Animal Shelter-510-293-7200
    16 Barnes Court
    Hayward, CA 94544, closed S, M, uses pet to list animals
    510-293-7200 x 10, very difficult
  • Tilden park police 510-881-1833, fax 544-3034 (done 7-26)
  • Tilden park staff (park caretakers) 510 843-2137
  • CHP fax number in Oakland- 450-3829 (done 7-26)
    3601 Telegraph Avenue
    Oakland 94609-2498
  • Riding Stables
    Anthony Chabot Equestrian Ctr
    (510) 569-4428
    14600 Skyline Blvd
    Oakland, CA Map
    Fox Ridge Farm Inc & Tack Shop
    (510) 531-0262 , Fax- 510-531-0211 (done 7-26)
    5745 Redwood Rd
    Oakland, CA Map
    Piedmont Stables
    (510) 531-9944 , description will be posted- (done 7-26)
    6525 Redwood Rd
    Oakland, CA Map
    Skyline Ranch Equestrian Ctr
    (510) 336-0850, fax too (done 7-26)
    5750 Redwood Rd
    Oakland, CA Map
    Grizzly Peak Stables
    (925) 254-8283 mess left 7-26
    271 Lomas Cantadas
    Orinda, CA Map
  • Petfinders hotline - 7/29/06 Gary Hack- 800-274-2556 paid $130 for 60 block radius of house to house phone calls- have not recieved confirmation of calls. I called on 8-1-06 they say they are calling, called them on 8-9-06 they aren't finished yet and will call us in 2 days. 8-9-06 they are still working on the list.
  • 8-8-06 Doger listed with more online sites- including
  • Psychic Friend's message from Doger-
    It is so painful to hear of the loss of Dodger while you were away. It's a little harder for me to connect because of all the emotion around the issue and my own emotional feelings. This is what I get and perhaps by the time this reaches you things will have changed.
    I feel Dodger wanted to get out of the yard to return home to you....he does not feel safe anywhere else even if it is someone he knows and trusts. He is very hard to catch and is skillfull at avoiding people and others catching him. I don't feel he is dead, but I do feel he has wandered far...I see lots of fields...and has kind of made friends, almost like a pack, with other dogs. He wonders how to get home, but he is also a survivalist and strong he says, to tell you. He knows how to survive out there. Now this message seems to be coming direct from Dodger, "Please do not feel angry or sad at my disappearance, it has been hard for me to adapt to the rules in the human world, sometimes my brain would get very confused as i am wired to protect at all costs and you and my kids were always my pack, my duty!! and my love. But I didn't belong in the thing you call city is very stressful for me and I don't understand what is wrong with biting those I feel are a threat. I like roaming free, I miss you....but I also feel safer in the shadows and the ability to run and continue moving all the time. Do not be sad any longer, I am fine, I love you as my family, and I am not scared or hurt....I need the quiet of open spaces and not a lot of humans coming near me,,,they confuse and bother me. Please try to understand my original intention was to get back to you, but now I have adopted a new way of living that suits me. I belong to this world now....thank you for all you gave me....I like licking Michael's face it has a salty sweet taste, and Sophia was like a tiny sheep that I felt very protective championed for me, but I don't belong in this ancestors tell me of mountains and fields of wild flowers growing and freedom and doing the work of herding animals and that is my mind and soul set. I am showed me love which I never knew before and I will carry with me always."
    I miss you and the kids (this is Sierra talking now). Give it a time to let go.....if he does not return...but I see another type of puppy in your life coming in, when the grief is less for you all.

Scam artists:
Danny Smith [] - craigslist

Name:ray isa,, Phone:(237) 908-2767 -

R-"i have received several calls regarding Doger, none have played out some about half our kids playing a "joke" may have been the wrong dog."
Richard says that people have taken their neighbors dogs and tried to give them to Richard for the reward money, knowing that Richard was not the owner of Doger

Richard had a call where someone claimed to have kidnapped doger and wanted more money, they couldn't describe him.

More to do:

  • Please call the emergency vets in Oakland. I know there is also one at the bottom of University Ave in Berkeley.
    to see if any stray injured dogs were dropped off. Broadway pet hospital in Oakland used to be an emergency vet also.
    There should be a list of Emergency vets in the yahoo yellow pages.
  • Please call the Oakland non emergency police number to see if any dog incidents
  • Figure out how to contact personel with PGE, taxi's, Bus drivers, mail carriers


Juliet Inac <>
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Cc: Terrie Baum <>,,,,,
Subject: Re: Dog lost in Oakland while family in SPain
Date: Thursday, July 06, 2006 2:30:39 PM [View Source]

Hi Megan,

Can you please keep a lookout for this lost dog below? Several folks are actively looking for the lost do. I know I have seen several flyes in my neighborhood and heard someone calling for Dodger. Someone is also actively coming in at the Oakland shelter but if you think someone new came in that fits the description numbers are also on this email. We can also assist you in connecting you with the folks if need be.

Thanks for anything you can do.


----- Original Message ----

Subject: Dog lost in Oakland while family in SPain

Hello and thank you to any of you that have time to help us with finding out precious pet. Doger is a high energy and very intelligetn black australian sheppard. we left him with a friend in Oakland while we came on vacation to Spain. I am writing you from and internet cafe. My kids and I are are feeling helpless and devastated. Doger dug out of our friends yard while he was away for the day. I´m sure Doger is looking for us or dead or injured somewhere. Please let us or our friends know if you have any clues for us. The below pages have pictures of Doger online. Heis about 60 pounds and has scars on the top of his paws he does have a bit of white on him also. ´He is licensed and lives in Marin County.
Our friend Terrie can be reached at 415-460-6727 or the friend Richard who lost Doger is at 510 295-3594. Posters are up and Richard is visiting the Oakland and Berkeley animal shelters. Thank you so much for your time.
Lynette Harris

MAry Quinn called on 8/1 to encourage us to keep looking even for a year. She found her dog after 7 months of searching and visiting shelters regularly. She also helps other owners find their dogs. She says the hearding breeds are less likely to go to people and will probably hide during the day and come our to forage at night.She said he is probably is in a brushy area where he can be away from people and loud noises. She also suggested leaving out food water and our dirty laundry for doger to smell his way home. She lives in Santa Rosa where its much more rural. Urban Oakland may be harder to leave food for him. We will go to the East bay and do more searching in brushy areas.

craig's list ad-

Doger dog still missed and missing
Doger has been missing since June 2006. He dug out of a friends yard in Oakland. He lives in Marin county and has tags. 5 years old, black with some white on face and paws. He could have traveled quite a ways now. Anyone keeping him needs to know that he will bite people coming into his territory. Off his territory he should be very friendly. Reports of any sitings would be greatly appreciated. Pictures and records of the search for Doger here-
Thank you!