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Dec 5, 08 Michelle sends pictures of Mopsy!
December 28, 2008:Christmas Carnage
December 30- Morgaine just showed up!

March 13, 2009- brought home 9 chicks from 2 feed stores!

April 27, 2009- Ducklings!

Ducklings hatched apr 27, 2009duckling

March 13, 2009- obtained from Rivertown Pets and Western Farm Center

March 13- 2-4 days old?
March 29, 2009, 16 days since purchase
April 25, 2009- ~ 6 weeks
July 2, 2009, 3-4 months
uh... Galinda is now called Galen
Silverlace Wyandotte
Name Change-- Lacie
White Brahma
White Crested Polish Bantum
Phylis Muffit
Phyllis Muffit
Plymouth Barred Rock
Rhode Island Red
Rosita jumps for food
Jumping for treats
Golden Wyandotte
Lotus on July 2,09
Black Sexlink
Alice begs for food
Alice begs for food
Our first pair of chickens, Storm and Helga, were obtained in the spring of 2007. They were probably hatched in spring of 2006.
We stopped at Larson's feed store in Petaluma first. We were driving our 83 VW van. While we were driving to the other feed store to see what chickens they had, Sophia couldn't wait to pet her and accidentally let her out of the box. She flapped around the van while we were driving on the freeway. This earned her the name Storm. We bought Helga at Western Farm. A lady had bought her there the spring previous and tired of having chickens and left them there the same day we bought her. Both laid eggs the first day and have been prolific since. Storm often hides her eggs around the yard. Helga is Top Chicken.

dog chicken
survived a racoon attack.
lays huge white eggs and has problems with a prolapsed vent

one broody hen, suspicious, proud
March of 2008 we picked up more chicks.

Bantam Silver Lace Cochin
Wookie is a rooster and lives with a new family now through Rivertown Pets

Rosie, our little red hen!
Rhode Island Red
Rosie is becoming Top Chicken
Killed by wild predator 12-25-08

Bunny turned out to be a rooster and now lives at the San Rafael Dump. We have an older picture of Bunny we will find and post soon. Bunny thought he was tough until he met the BIG roosters at the dump.

Barred Plymouth Rock
Killed by wild predator 12-25-08
In May 2008, we brought home more chicks because we had to give up Bunny.

Buff Orington
Scarlet has ambitions to be top chicken too.
Killed by wild predator 12-25-08,
a trail of her feathers led from under the back gate to the woods.

Bugsy aka Bandit
Bugs thinks she is a hawk. She likes to look down on her flock mates from a high roost. She also will run through the group eating scraps, steeling a scrap and running off to some far corner with the others chasing her to eat her scrap.
Killed by wild predator 12-25-08

Mopsy, aka Medusa, aka Q-tip
Frizzle White Cochin Rooster
Mopsy now lives with Michelle in Sonoma who will give us a daughter of Mopsy. Mopsy had a funny crow and danced sideways before trying to jump one of the hens. He would also call the hens over when he found some food and would stand by like a noble gentlemen while they ate it. Mopsy looked pretty funny until he was fully grown and filled out.

12-5-08 see Michelle's update below!

Calypso & Neptune
Mallard Ducks
The ducks we obtained from the Russian Church in San Anselmo.

Old English Lemon Blue
We obtained Gwen at Western Farm Feed Store full grown. I think she had mites which deformed the scales on her feet. A very tiny and dainty lady. Hangs out with Morgaine and next up on the pecking order.
Killed by wild predator 12-25-08

Black Frizzle
bottom of the pecking order, gets pecked even by the ducks
We thought she was killed by wild predator 12-25-08 --Dec 30- She just showed up! I heard her voice and found her getting bullied by Storm on the fountain side of the house. Yeh! She going to be a spoiled chicken now!
Chicken Videos

March 9, 2008

May 2008

Dec 5, 2008 update from Michelle:
Hi Lynette..Thought I would give you and your daughter an update on "Mopsy". Well, we are in love.lol. But he has another girlfriend as well..she is much more his type, a really beauty. (see picture) I love to bring him inside, shower him and blow dry him, put a little diaper on him and then we watch tv in the bed. He loves it! I sudden noise or shadow will cross the window and he lets out a big crow. Its sooo funny!
Sometimes he and I will have a 'crow-off' competing for the best crow.
He has perfected his now. Its loud and in perfect pitch. He likes to express himself usually beginning at 3:30 in the morning. I of course, do not respond at that ungodly time.
He sleeps in a great hutch on my porch with his girl every night. She picked him and from the first week he was here, she never left his side.
Very sweet.
Mopsy runs after me in the mornings after I let him out, cooing and dancing for his breakfast. Its so adorable. I truly love him. Thanks again for this little puff ball of joy.


December 28, 2008: Christmas Carnage. We spent Christmas day playing with our new toys and reading books. Phoenix was inside with us eating lots of treats. After dark, Michel went out with a flashlight and put the chickens away. He counted the chickens but apparently forgot to close one door to the small barns. Luckily he did close the shed doors where Helga and Storm sleep. At bedtime, we put Phoenix outside and she immediately ran up the hill barking. I didn't investigate why she was barking. The next morning I went outside to let out the chickens and it was very quiet out there. I found Rosey in one of the yards stiff and feathers everywhere. I saw the door was open. Zoe, Bugs and Gwen were dead inside the houses, feathers everywhere but not much blood. The ducks were huddled in the furthest yard barely moving. Scarlet and Morgaine were missing. Up the hill I found feathers from Scarlet under the gate where the predator had to shimmy under. We found more feathers at the edge of the woods further up the hill. We never found anymore evidence or any sign of Morgaine. It did freeze that night. We buried the four girls up on the hull. Bugs did have a little blood and a floppy neck. From our experience with the coon last year, we know that maybe Zoe and Gwen went catatonic from fright and then froze where they lay on the ground. If I had investigated why Phoenix was barking I might have been able to save a couple of the chickens. Today I can see that buzzards are hanging out in the trees above the edge of the woods. I went back over there and crawled around on the slope to see if perhaps I could find more evidence or maybe even Morgaine. No such luck. The ducks are still very traumatized. Storm and Helga hang very close to me when I'm outside. Michel collected the last egg from the barn. We are betting the carnage was caused by coyotes.

Phoenix Aug 08

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