Halburg Family Tree


dropped out of nursing school to marry Merlyn. Later went back to school and finished degree. Had 6 children- Denise, Steve, Diane, Lynette, Jon, and Liesl

Rosemary's kids

Dick (not adopted but changed name, joined family when he was 12 years old) Dick has a sister Janet.

Rosemary with sister Pat and parents

Clarence Theadore Halburg Jr

1-31-1907 to 7-2-1979

Family Doc of Redlands, CA
Clarence Theadore Halburg ("Pops")

10-25-1884 to 5-12-68
Grocery wholesaler in Los Angeles
Grew boysenberries- a strain of blackberries developed by Mr Boysen.
Pop gave some plants to Mr Knott's of Knott's Berry Farm
Frank A.Halburg

(Sweden) 8-10-1845 to10-12-1928
? Halburg
? Halburg    
Ida Johnson

(Sweden) 1860 to 5-6-1931
Actually, Pop's bio mom was Christina Olson who died in childbirth 10-25-1884
J Johnson
? Johnson    
Mydstina Cask
? Cask    
Madge Droulard

11-29-1884 to 11-28-1961
A Richards

Abigail (Richards) Droulard (Droulaird)

Peter Droullard (Druilard)
8-4-27 to 1819
Rebecca Cole    
John Droullard
born 5-25-1780
founder of Quincy, Illinois
Sarah Robinson
? Robinson    

Easter Lenore Slawson (Slauson)

7-8-09 to 7-22-07
dropped out of nursing school to marry Ted

Siblings are
Miriam (Susan)

Susan married Dr Kelloge's son (of corn flakes fame)

Benjamin E.C. Slawson

5-7-1883 to 3-27-1964

younger brother was also a dentist

Erastus C. Slawson
(ran away from home to join civil war)

5-29-1841 to 11-28-1911
survied the battle of Gettisburg,
While marching through Harlem, saw Nellie along parade route and determined he was going to marry her. He later returned and did marry her.
? from upstate New York
Nellie Smith (Ellen)

1-23-1844 to 11-21-30
immigrated from England and lived in New York in Harlem before the Civil War. Harlem used to be the fancy part of town. She was in medical school before she had kids
Benjamin Smith
? Smith    
? ?  
Carrie Daniels

6-26-1884 to 1-2-1968
was taking premed at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska before she eloped to marry Ben
Winfred S Daniels

8-10-1852 to 12-16-1918
Henry Daniels
10-3-1801 to 1881
died in Ohio Territory
Samuel Daniels
Charles Daniels  
Sarah Peterson
Harriet Gettis (Gettys)-Daniels
5-31-1806 to 1880
William Gettis
Battle of Gettisburg was on his farm, faught and deeded property for town of G
Anna Milholland

11-20-1859 to 1936
James Milholland

Superior Court Judge and attorneyin Kansas City MO.
9-5-1836 to 1-10-1914
John Milholland
2-1-1802 to 1878
James Milholland
came to US from Ireland in 1798
Mary C Boone
sister of Daniel Boone
? Boone
also father of Daniel Boone
Annie Small
? Small  
Lydia G Wyscoff (from France)

died at age 33
John Wyscoff
1802 to 1878