Memorial to Steve

May 17, 1955 to Feb 20, 2018

last update: Feb 21, 2018

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Steve's story about Glenn at Glenn's memorial last year February 4, 2017 Steve's Tractor Garden Steve's Tractor Garden - published in 6-6-2002. the last I heard, Steve had 32 antique tractors- mostly Caterpillar.   2015- Steve sent me these snake photos by Teddy of the rattler that passes through his house rattler rattler Photo sent by Liesl Steve, Rosemary, Anabelle Steve, Rosemary, and Annabelle Steve's place in Windomar Steve's place in Windomar/Temecula. Steve with his beloved Randi
Steve and Randi his dog

Steve working on tractor with kids in covina

Steve working on tractor with kids in covina

Steve in ~ 1995 after picking up a tractor in our area-

Steve and a new tractor


Steve Jokes

"My neighbor JAmie sent me a warning…soemtimes warnings are bogus, but she says this one is real… it someone comes to your front door saying that they are checking for ticks due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around witrh your arms up, DO NOT DO IT…IT IS A SCAM! They only want to see you naked. Jaimie wishes she had got this warning yesterday. She feels so stupid….

Steve Artwork:

(what i have are mostly church doodles)

Steve's church doodle of his bug eyed sprite

church doodles



Stories and photos to come: Riding with Steve down steep curvy roads in the little yellow bug eyed sprite. The throttle cable broke and he had to wire the throttle wide open. As kids, Steve catching a rattle snake and us helping. Roger holding the pillow case as he sink the snake into the bottom with a stick. Road rage in the desert with Steve in his old jeep and the other guy in a fancy car. Fancy car gets totaled.

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