Snake's Kin Studio presents-
The Performance Class
involves a higher level of commitment and responsibility than the usually scheduled group classes. This series will be held one evening a week (Monday, beginning September 11) and will be open to anyone who meets its criteria.

Requirements and commitments will include:

  • Attend all classes in the series. No refunds will be made for missing individual classes due to illnesses, injuries, or other absences. If you must drop out of a session, a refund of half the remaining balance may be negotiated.
  • Be willing to work with the video camera.
  • The door to the studio will be opened at 7:45 for you to come and warm yourself up. Class will start at 8:00.
  • Acquire or make a presentable student costume by our 1st performance on Monday September 25th, here at the studio, and a professional costume by our 2nd performance on Sunday, October 8th at the Claremont House. We will have a third performance at the Marrakech Restaurant on Sunday, October 29. These are all required performances to taped music. Please let me know if you need a costume class. The date for this class will be Sunday Sept 17 if we have enough who need it, and will be an additional $20.
  • Choose 2 pieces of music to work up, one 4-6 minutes, the other 8-10 minutes. Please, no "New Age", fusion, Mid East pop or "class drill music" unless you have cleared it with me! Chose something that has contrasts and has sections that change in speed. Decide soon, and have an alternate in case someone else in the class has chosen it previously. See here for just a few possibilities and follow the links here for possible CD's that may contain these songs . You may find some of these albums in the World Music sections at local record shops. I'll try to get some more pictures of album covers up so you can recognise them more easily when you shop.
  • Bring your ideas to class.
  • Choose a prop to feature.
  • Dress for class in at least a skirt and hip wrap; bringing your veils, zils and prop to every class.
  • Help to organize the performances, and invite your friends and family to the venues as audience to support you (to Marrakech and the show here at the studio).
  • Give constructive critique and support of your fellow classmates.
  • Go to clubs to see live performances on your own or with others in the class. See the Gilded Serpent Club list for opportunities
  • Start a dance notebook- that includes a copy of the form below (besides the copy you send me) and these pages-, . . Hopefully you will also fill it with costume ideas, pictures of yourself in your different costumes

The 8-week series will be $95, due before the series starts. There will be some competition to get in this class. The first 10 with checks and forms to me will be in it. (The registration fees for the performances are included in that amount.) Invitations or flyers to copy will be provided to help promote the events. A 4-week extension to the series emphasizing performance to LIVE music is a possibility.



Please print, fill out this form and send it to me with your check for $95.

Name: ________________________ Stage Name: _______________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Phone number: ____________________________

Email address: ______________________________

Titles of music you have chosen:

4 minutes: _________________________Source: _______________________

8 minutes: _________________________Source: _______________________

Do you have a PR photo of yourself? Yes ___ No ___

List what costuming you have (such as: "complete pro costume in red").

1. _______________________________________

2. _______________________________________

Prop you have chosen: ______________________

Previous performance experience:

Have you ever soloed for money? _____________ Where?_________________

Have you ever assisted any dancer at a gig? _____ Who?__________________
Previous pieces you have performed to_______________________________
PO Box 1928
San Anselmo, CA 94979

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