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The photos below cover my 20+ year career as a dancer and performer.
Some of the more recent photos have been labeled with the year they were taken.
Note to potential clients: I have retired from performing but may be able to refer you to more youthful talent!
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photo by
Bob Giles
300 dpi 4x5
by Marty Sohl
photo by
Kathryn Dykman
"Friz Head"
photo session with Kathryn Dykman, 1993.

More- #1,#2, #3, #4
Frizhead with veil #1,#2
photo by David?
photo by
Kathryn Dykman

300dpi sword on hip
photo by ?
300dpi 9x6 inch
Tartar Birthday Party
Blue Assuite Dress
Blue &White Pose
One way to put
down a basket

photo by
Bob Giles

photo by
Bob Giles

a very early photo, ~ 1982
in Sonora, CA
first bra and a belly jewel

A Khaleegy Thobe

'Posing in front of Cesaer's Palace in Las Vegas

White and gold moon costume,
photo by Jerry Parker who disappeared with all our negatives.
  • Lynette's first gig ever, dancing for Melvin Belli's birthday in Sonora, CA. Probably in 1981. More from this gig here.
  • Trouble is what this pic gave me when I put it in adds and on my biz card. Photo by Bob Giles. (66 kb) Another sword photo at same session.
  • a hairy portrait of Lynette in a Saudi dress. Photo by Bob Giles. (140 kb)
  • In blue beaded dress,Lynette is dancing with a customer at Couscous Royale in Berkeley. Photo by Ali. (125 kb)10-98 portrait- #1
  • "In Vision"
  • Tourist photo posing with my hero, Soheir Zaki, in Cairo. Taken in 1991.
  • Just an odd photo I found of the Sheherezade Restaurant in Oyster Point, South SF. You may recognise some of the customers and remember the wierd decor with all the silk flowers everywhere. Band would have been off of photo to left.

More Snake Photos

photo by Cynthia Cushman
2 snakes is much more complicated!
In Sheep Ranch at Tatseena's birthday
Medusa, wrapped on my uplifted arm. I like to think of this as Eve & the Snake, photo by
Kathryn Dykman
Bacchus was given to me several years ago by Vickie Noble.
photo by Bob Giles

300dpi 4x7inch
photo by Walter Rasmussen
photo by
Kathryn Dykman

photo by David?
photo by Bob Giles
photos by Carl Sermon
At the Peter Pan Preschool
with Maloos

Rakkasah Festival 2000
dancing with Bacchus
-more from this show
-300dpi 4 x 5 jpg

Please don't ever do this with your snake! One revolution please!

~1986, snake arms and snake.
smooth out those angles!

Najia's student recital at Hillside club in Berkeley

Closeup portrait of Lynette with Medusa. Photo by Kathryn Dykman. (123 kb)

Snake Knot (153 kb)
at Pasha, photo taken by a customer

2004 Sandra's Gig
Tobias on drum

2006 Yahoo Holiday Party
time to retire!
  • Photo with Sharifa! A mentor and friend
  • Early photo by Kathryn Dykman. Medusa at lower border.
  • Maloos and Lynette performing at Petra, a nightclub in SF Bay Area. She is an Albino Brumese Python (88 kb)
  • Rakkasah Festival 1999 : #1, #2, #3
  • Video clip through "Sidewalks," a cable tv show. Old! Poor snake! I think the video must have been speeded up!

Pregnant Dancer

Veil dance #1 while pregnant #1(39kb)
Veil Reach
Veil lift
300 dpi 4x5 jpg
Veil 2

Photos by
Julie Faisst

Taken in 1994
one more
"Don't tread on me!"

Snake mama
Snake Mama2
300 dpi 4x5 jpg
Snakes aloft
new mom, Babies can be a delicious distraction from your dance career!
200dpi 3x5
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"Non-Belly Dance" gigs

"Dance of Early Morning Light", was a gig with Project Bandeloop off of El Capitan in Yosemite after sleeping the night in a hammock pinned to the rock, (Ack!!!!) in approximately 1992. By far the scariest public thing I've ever done. See more photos at Bandaloop's site. I'm only in the early photos on El Cap. Here is the article by Melody Ermachild article from Climbing Magazine

and just a couple more pictures-
photo from above*valley floor*spiders

Below are some lame attempts to Bellydance in the vertical plane. It didn't work very well.
location- Melicot in Yosemite



A pic in the local paper of getting those sticks on. That is Terry Sendgraf next to me on the car hood.

at a Dead concert in the Oakland with WWT
Lynette is center right below "eyeball"

"Ugh!" says the poor man behind me!
Warming up for doing the SF Carnival parade with Wise Fool

Lynette at left margin with boa helping out on May Day

Stilting as LadyLiberty 2003

Sleepy Hollow July 4th parade

Nurse's Strike

Earthday in Berkeley

Wise Fool's "how to build stilts", "how to make stilting pants"

Entertaining at theme parties

Entertaining at the SF Academy of Sciences

As Serpent Queen at a party celebrating a new wine for the Beaulieu Vineyard in Napa Area
Safari gigs with Lora's help. 1998?
Tropical theme party for
Ross Department Store
Medical and other gigs

Kaiser Nurses Strike

Training to be a raft guide with Zephyr

Paramedic backup for the film industry: here waiting around with a wonderful character actor between takes for the Chatanooga Choo Choo

On the exhibition gym team at my conservative Adventist college

Snakes, Women, Goddesses & Gods in Art


Buto of Egypt


Cadeasis is a medical symbol depicting the healing snakes Moses formed out of bronze


African art depicting a snake head

Hercules and the Hydra


Lynette attempts to dance with Tribal Troupe- Fat Chance Belly Dance, snake Medusa and 6 year old friend Juliet

Lynette dances veil and middle section of routine at at the Taverna Athena in Oakland, Ca

Lynette dances with Snake at the Taverna Athena in Oakland, Ca

Lynette dances full term pregnant with Michel at Dhyanis's Goddess show. See Belly rolls at 9 months!

Lynette dances with Meshugina at Festival Fantasia in Sebastipol, CA

Then 2.5 year old daughter Sophia joins her mom on stage

Frenetic performance at Persian Wedding. The videographer was dogging me around the dance floor!

Angelo's Cooking show on Cable TV
This is the veil portion

Lynette dances with Bacchus at Rakkasah with Light Rain, Including Deanne Adams, Doug Adams, Mark Bell and 2 more musicians (Mike Fair?)

This is the finale portion after the above dance on the same show
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Fairfax, CA, 94978

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