by Zara Lenora Mirmalek

If you were at Rakassah this weekend you must have passed and lingered upon the booth selling wigs as I did.  Even with long hair of my own, the sight of a full, luscious head of hair was enough to draw me closer.

In a somewhat macabre display of scalps, long tresses hung from hooks in multiple shades of color.  In the center, at a double sided vanity table with mirrors, I watched as two women were having their hair placed in pony tails high on their heads, and then a cap of hair placed over the back 3/4 of their
heads.  Next, hair from the front 1/4 of their heads was pulled over the part -no pins, no glue, no head bands.  Watching the amazement on their faces and their expressions of joy was great.  One woman, who had silver neck length hair, had a transformed mane that spilled around
the wig booth her shoulders.  She
went from mirror to mirror stroking the hair down around her shoulders.  When she was offered another hair piece that was an up swept design, she shook her head "No!" and had to be convinced, at length, to give it a try.  She relented only after declaring that no matter what she was buying the first piece.  The owners of the booth wanted to give their clients a chance to buy in any price range.  The assistant could have easily sold her the expensive wig, but it is their practice to sell what best suits the customer.

It seems to be the practice of women in America to cut their hair when they reach a certain age when it is no longer “appropriate” to sport long hair.  This trend may be why the transformation seems to convert a woman to someone 10 to 20 years younger in appearance.  I do not advocate or support the idea that women should try to hold on to a certain age that society likes best, or
that there is any reason to look younger than you are, or older for that matter.  Changing your appearance is about fantasy.  I have straight hair, and the opportunity to have a curl that lasts longer than ice cream on a hot summer day is a great delight!  It may well be the same for those that have short hair, blonde hair, or curly hair and wish to have something different without doing damage to their natural hair.

The hair pieces were firmly in place, and even upon tugging at them, remained in place.  The gentleman with whom I spoke was very helpful and described the easy
care process for handling a hairpiece, and he spoke with the easy conviction of a person who knows they don’t need to give a big sell, the product sells itself.

So next time you happen to see a wall of hair, stop and have a little fun.  You will be surprised how quickly you will return to that state where happiness is found in the delight of playing with your hair.


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