Photo credit Richard Schwaderer

The Gilded Serpent presents...

Isabella "Anarkali"


Isabella "Anarkali" Schwaderer has been dancing and researching traditional dances for more than twenty years. She is a member of Helene Eriksen's International Dance Project ANAR DANA and the dance troupe Safar. Extended trips took her from Greece and the Balkans all around the Mediterranean Sea, the Caucasus and India. She fuses her love for these cultures with deep academic knowledge and carefully researched technique. She works with excellent artists from Afghanistan and Pakistan, creating cultural events that send positive images from cultures that in the West are usually connected with war and terror.

Her multicultural background (she has German and Italian roots and her husband is from Algeria) gives her the firm belief that art and beauty are the best means to build bridges between different cultures.

She holds a PhD in Religious Studies and is doing post-doctoral work on Islam in Algeria. She teaches at several German universities (Jena, Erfurt and Würzburg) and has become a much sought-after consultant in the matter of the integration of migrants in Germany as well as concerning questions around Islam in the West.


Articles on Gilded Serpent by or about Isabella:

  • Helene’s Seminar in Berlin, Traditional Dance Theater Project ANAR DANA 2013/14
    Together we studied seven traditional dances in a total of 10 weekends with the worldwide renowned dance ethnologist and choreographer Helene Eriksen and organized two final recitals of our program which included solo dances from Helene. It began with a very tight training schedule but later it actually turned out to be much more – together we embarked on an imagined voyage to the Orient, which finally was a travel to find ourselves. But we understood that only much later.