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Georgia and Brazil

Kalinka is originally from Sao Paulo – Brazil and Lebanese descendant. She started taking bellydance classes in late 1999, just for fun. After her first class she just found joy in Middle Eastern dance and wants learn more and more about the culture, the different kind of Middle Eastern dance and everything else related to bellydance… and a future bellydancer was born!

Kalinka began her first belly dancing class in a gym  and soon discovered in the city a place called Khan El Khalili, which specialized in bellydance class and decided to try it. Dance has been her inspiration, her outlet for creative energy, her avenue to making friends in a new community after relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, in 2005. It is also an escape from her “day job”.

More than anything else, Kalinka finds most rewarding the opportunity it has presented for community and friendship. This has been true of all the dance forms she has tried throughout the years. Most of her closest friends since around 2000 have been people she has met through her dance activities.


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