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Maria Grayson has been dancing all her life, Belly dancing for 20 years. She has been teaching Belly dance and other physical fitness, including dance, for those who have injuries, for over 10 years. Some other dance and fitness arts she has studied are: Ballet, Jazz, Flamenco, and Latin dances, as well as martial arts and horse back riding. She has performed at many events, mostly in the Four Corners area of Colorado and New Mexico. Her favorite venues for performance are Renaissance Faires where she can educate people about Gypsies, too. “Ren Faires” also fit well with her natural style, which is a blend strong on Turkish Gypsy, with Spanish Gypsy, Cabaret, and Fusion Belly dance in the mix...period bling! and generally, leave out the pop beat, please!

Currently, Maria teaches private and semi private lessons and workshops in her home studio and around the Durango area. She also does fortune telling. Her other passions are traveling, riding horses, and feeding her family and friends. She writes fiction and articles for magazines. Maria was born in Seattle and spent part of her childhood in Greece, where she encountered many Gypsies/Roma and has been invited, on numerous occasions, to dance with Roma musicians in the Southwest because they appreciate her accurate representation of their dance and culture. She works to not only entertain but to help educate people about the myths and truths of Gypsy culture, persecution, and stereotypes.

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