Nilay by Sharif Photography

Nilay by Sharif Photography

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Turkish Dancer

Nilay (pronounced Knee-lie) is Turkish born and raised belly dancer who has studied the art of belly dance for several years with many highly accredited dancers in US and Turkey. She moved to US for further studies in 2001 and started to develop her belly dance technique. She danced in New Mexico with a troupe and solo. Today she is based in Bakersfield, but performs all throughout California. Upon developing her style, she has been performing, teaching, choreographing, producing workshops and short videos.

Articles on Gilded Serpent by Nilay

  • My Favorite Oriental Festival in Turkey, Rakkas Istanbul 2013
    I immediately made new friends and was surprised to find the multi-national composure of our 200+ people crowd – I befriended a dancer from Holland and another from Columbia, although the majority of the dancers were from Japan and other far-east countries.